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  1. how do i even where's the butto- oh never mind. . . . i think . . . . . whatisthisidon'teven- any way that took waaay too long to draw- waayyy too long oh and tomorrow i go back to school, wonderful, i get to hear people screaming and yelling in each other's ears when their right next to the other person. *sarcasm*also i hid 2 things in the pic also i'm not gonna finish that.
  2. i made a reference without realizing it. . . . Zu'u los untvon wah doj dovah ahrk waan hi mindok fos daar saag ruz pruzah krotz
  3. nu dun be sad. i just barely watch tv that's all.dun be sad . . . .
  4. what the. . . . . it looks like billy&mandy just without the "whats goin' on?" feeling
  5. . . . . . Oh, him!. . . yea i forgot that he existed (poor groose. . . . not) oh- wait you fight monsters with more monsters?(it's kinda hard to keep up when i don't even know who the main character(s) are)
  6. got bored, was listening to some music, and then this happened [ATTACH=CONFIG]13042[/ATTACH] and then i smashed DS with another game
  7. but what about the grue? . . . but that would be better then having to fight the imprisoned and-if im allowed to ask- what's a "social link" ?
  8. Legend of wilson: panflute of time, anyone? the only thing i know about persona is that it's a turn based game. . . . or something
  9. uhh . . . . i think it's suppose to be a terror beak. . . .
  10. anyone there? . . . . so im just talking to myself now? . . . . . at least i tried still don't know why im still drawing
  11. *pokes head out from under the ground*look at what i drew! . . .if that's okay with you *hides back under the ground*
  12. look i drew another small tallbird! sorta speaking of small tall birds
  13. *pops out of nearest berry bush*thank you? *hides in berry bush*
  14. "Both of us are trying our best to strive, both of us are weak, and are at the very bottom of the food chain. So I'll tell you what, I'll look after your back and you look after mine. we'll show them that we can be just as strong as them. . . no that we are stronger then them. And don't you even worry, for we will get out of here alive. together" yay dramatic story/statement i guess IT'S THE MUSIC, MAN. BLAME IT ON THE MUSIC NOT MEH.
  15. i tried to draw a shadow and i think i failed at it ._. , but i did try,and that's all that counts. . .i think
  16. . . . . . did this thread just die or somethin' ?
  17. i got bored and started to draw Wilson acting like a ninja, i guess. . . Any way, first is the sketch (doesn't look to good huh?) then i actually drew him and then i colored him i did realized that his is that his belly or- idk is very skinny ._. also you may now have FEET FEET ARE REALLY HARD TO DRAW FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON Nope, no hidden messages here!
  18. i got bored okay look i even drew a small tallbird!