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  1. that game is aggravating as well as scary, but i guess that's also the reason how Wilson got a random gun outta nowhere. but that was the second weirdest dream i had with Wilson in it. (i can't really count how many dreams i had with Wilson in it) i could go into more detail about the dream if you want me too. but why did you stop in the middle of the first sentence? what did you hear? that is if you don't mind me asking.
  2. this is kinda based off of one of my dreams i had that wilson was in. in the dream he shot himself in the head. there was also zombies because i had the dream after playing some dead island.
  3. i made another cross over. obvious crossover is obvious also i don't know if i drew Wilson's tongue right or if i even shaded the whole thing right also i gave up on drawing willow's nose also have a baby volt goat along with my head canon things for all the characters. i guess.
  4. um. . . ok. . . . thank you? gah i don't know! T^T
  5. i finished the eyes and hair at 5:00 in the morning. dear god this took so long colored sorry *quickly scurries off to finish my 32 x 32 ice cube in minecraft*
  6. t- thank you ;v; your art is way more prettier than mine ;v;
  7. spoiler is just 2 small birds and Wes with his balloons also ignore the date on the top of the pictures i drew them in a book my school gave me for this one lunch group activity that happens only on Fridays because the cafeteria is just unnecessarily loud but hey, i drew things when i was suppose to be paying attention during 2nd period..... god I;m such an idiot
  8. you would be surprised at how many pictures i have, but don't even post them here. i have more pictures just lying around, smelling and being useless. and then im just staring at other people's drawing and comics and what not. im not very on topic if said topic didn't appeal to me. and i tried making a mod, but it said "no prefab found" so i gave up on that. and im always stuck inside my room because of multiple reasons. i also don't have many people to talk to. im starting to derail or something.
  9. It's really tempting to animate wilson dancing with make-up on with 2 frogs jumping occasionally while Oliver sings "Let's put on Fake Eyelashes" but the thing is i can't really animate and I don't know how to or how to have the music follow the animation and excuse my sloppy writing.
  10. Am I the only one who thinks Wilson should start with the knife from his origin trailer? ya? ok. *goes sit in corner and thinks over my headcanons*
  11. so today my brother gave me two bruises. again. but it's fine. I think.
  12. I'm still not sure if Wilson would make best Malo or Alois for an justine cross over
  13. i still remember in one of my dreams, there was a picture of Wilson and there was dolls next to him and there was another picture of some fog-cloud-person-thing and they all were smiling. brain y u do dis? ;~; i ship Wilson x Shadow Wilson.
  14. i don't really like the way how most people ship Wilson X Willow. it just seems, unnatural. but is it bad if i had seen Wilson in a few of my dreams? because i had seen him in a few of my dreams. it's creepy.