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  1. sure! says the person who accepted a request shut up >:U i don't really like catcoons. they killed my glommer once
  2. zombies are (half) the reason why i need medicine to help my sleeping schedule or whate we're all part of this now. it's now a thing. kinda. i just woke up from a nap. i think ravencrow was in it. is that her/his name? idk i just woke up from a nap
  3. ok im just gonna post these then go to sleep most of the pictures are what i can remember from the dreams i had with wilson in it, except the first, third and last pictures. those i kinda turned it away from the original picture i see from my head, just because. also the last one is just maxwell. he literally broke into my dream and just rekted turned the environment to rocks and lava. but wilson was there. and it was glorious asgdtfyguhlijlk the first one was just some random drawing, not a dream.
  4. (some odd reason i can't multiquote, i blame maxwell for this ) idk *taking
  5. failed attempt to keep the thread on track i really need to learn on to limit the space i use for drawing.
  6. my god why are the pictures still over sized for those who don't know what a mage of space is
  7. i need to learn on how to not use big space things for drawing on -1% durability. wat.
  8. yay oh god i almost died from the cuteness of the picture you drew
  9. spoiler isn't spoiler, just saving space because for some reason i always draw small things on really big paper/spaceor whatevereiaerthdhfymu oh and its sfw, i can't draw nsfw because idk how i tried to draw maxwell, but he scares me ;~;
  10. sorry this took so long. i was kinda busy doing other things. .n.
  11. I'm tired of running into this glitch, although it is amusing because i can make Wilson "twitch" when i hold the space bar.
  12. i ran out of space to draw k? ;-; why would you say that? that's not a very nice thing to ask. . . . but it's not my place to interfere with something like that i guess