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  1. i broke my thread already

    1. MenaAthena


      I'm... still confused.

    2. The Noon Fish
    3. Percival


      No, it's not.

      It says 220 REPLIES, not TOTAL POSTS. The REPLIES are REPLIES to the first post.

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  2. stop your making it worse joel, kevinasdftgj someone plz halp i broke the thread i broke it
  3. i didn't want to finish it because it was making me feel weird also i shall always forever be late to things i did it again i broke it
  4. i need to stop role playing as Wilson on MSPARP

    1. The Noon Fish
    2. Percival


      Now I want to join you on MSPARP.

    3. The Noon Fish

      The Noon Fish

      go ahead

      but just a fair warning

      1: it's a random encounter thing

      2: the person might disconnect the second you join

      3: you'll get more rps if you make it only search for special/others

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  5. reply to comet plates and pterodactyl they aren't evil! See? actual paint thingy
  6. here have some random moment i took from a roleplay i did good question..PNG?dl=0 and by "did" i mean "having right now", or at least when this was posted or whatever

    1. The Noon Fish

      The Noon Fish

      first, thank you

      second, if it's not [REDACTED (reason: trigger word)] or how many ways i can think of willow dying then it's me "refreshing" my memories of the dreams i can remember vividly, which is usually people dying or [REDACTED]

      or shipping wilson X shadow! wilson/ wilson X butterfly! wilson

      that or i just think of all the deaths of me that could happen at any moment, or get hurt at any moment

      TL;DR: [REDACTED], dead willows, dreams, sh...

    2. The Noon Fish

      The Noon Fish

      also i didn't know that the "happy first status" was a thing

    3. Percival


      I said that because this is the first update I saw you make, which is incredible considering many others.

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  7. well im not good, but kinda not bad. my anatomy sucks because i only draw from the foggy reference of a skeleton i saw on Google for maybe a minute, and i'm never really willing to actually study it. perfect for eating children nice and sharp
  8. because I'm hiding. doing a real terrible job at it, but still. I'm sorry for wasting your time asking, but I'm afraid i can't do that, for i had already done my *first half* of my job. See, I'm a sylph of doom (as you could see in the thingy i drew) and being a sylph, i heal things/people with my aspect and heal my aspect, which is doom. so if you want to be separated, then you should find someone else who can do that. *cough*wolfgang&willow*cough*
  9. sorry, it was kind of a last minute idea. v-v blame the shingles. i bet you still fell asleep without noticing. that also happens to me too v-v
  10. *snickering begins* *snickering intenseifies* we obviously have two very different ideas of this thing going on
  11. if you wanna ask about my "costume" send a PM i guess yep i can barely hear out of both ears c: my job is (semi) done. now time to start drawing "willow"
  12. i seriously need to learn to make my canvas smaller. spoiler is safe, pictures are just too big
  13. i had a dream where a bunch of random bees were stinging me. i blame this picture.
  14. (now we wait for a grasshopper giant) Yay, improvement! c: grasshoppers eat butterflies, right?
  15. finally, something that isn't a homestuck crossover or a dead willow with inhuman teeth i think I'm improving, not sure though. but seriously, i need to stop drawing anorexic monstrosities and homestuck crossovers :I