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  1. just messing around with the default brush on paint tool sai
  2. how to get weirdo to stop talking: mention homestuck

  3. im lonely and bored

    1. greenglacier
    2. Halved


      Let's all have a party together

    3. The Noon Fish

      The Noon Fish

      *flops on ground*

      im kinda busy coding

  4. im really starting to hate the letter 'v'

    1. Halved


      Can I stalk you?

      Don't worry, I would do it quietly.

    2. The Noon Fish

      The Noon Fish

      i don't do a whole lot of things

      but i guess.

      do not make me regret this

    3. Asparagus


      *slowly hides behind a trashcan...


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  5. quack
  6. i think that's the picture with the cat thing i saw from one of my dreams. tried to make a mod out of it, but all the files got deleted when my pc kicked the bucket.
  7. *intense hate of wilsonXwillow ship intensifies*

    1. MenaAthena


      I don't hate it, but I don't ship it either.

  8. like my new profile picture guys?

  9. oh god i feel like im gonna vomit

    1. Hugo M.

      Hugo M.

      Your profile picture fits this status so much.

    2. Halved
  10. here have a drunk wilson whose also naked apparenty
  12. dun goofed.png?dl=0, you can thank weirdobob for the fusion. also put percent 20 between 'you' 'dun' and 'goofed'
  13. have some traditional art since im waiting for new nips for my tablet pen i used prismacolor (colored) pencils and a sharpie with a fine tip