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  1. > Wilson:look at opened object Even it is staring at you, wondering what you've done to deserve this. This must be the thing that he uses to spy on you, since you can see yourself with the same disappointed expression on the same person with the same smallbird..... That or this must be some kind of paradoxical window, letting you see multiple versions of yourself, but you merely dismiss the thought, since you DON'T BELIEVE IN THE MULTIVERSE THEORY SINCE IT IS ONLY A WORK OF FICTION. > Screen: Change
  2. > Wilson: Open object This is rather disconcerting and creepy.... You're not sure how he is able to spy on you with this and just leave it where you can find it. > Wilson: look at opened object
  3. > Wilson: Examine object further. ........... You question if you should FOLLOW THE MYSTERIOUS NOTE, seeing how last time you followed instructions from an object it ENDED UP BEING A TRAP THAT SENT YOU TO YOUR POSSIBLE DEATH. But now is NOT THE TIME TO ASK QUESTIONS, since the meteor is still a very real. > Wilson: Open object.

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      Oh, so that's what messed with your tablet.

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      The Noon Fish

      yea, the new driver just made everything dun goof

  5. > Wilson: Examine object You CAREFULLY EXAMINE the object. It doesn't look edible, and that symbol........ You feel like you've seen that symbol somewhere before...... > Wilson: Examine object further
  6. anyone know how to fix tablet lag when sai comes back into focus?

  7. > Wilson: Get object. It seems loose enough to take it out without needing to destroy the rock surrounding it..... You manage to get the object out of the boulder after a few tugs. just realized how small the .gif is im sorry ;-; > Wilson: Examine object.
  8. > Wilson: Investigate sound. Ok, first a giant meteor comes to threaten to completely kill you, and then this thing just comes out of completely nowhere. The object is LODGED in the bolder for some reason. > Wilson: Get object
  9. oh you'll be surprised he lied about how if i didn't stop the homestuck, i would get IP banned from JoeW
  10. you sure it's not weirdo disliking it because it's in the homestuck style?
  11. > Wilson: Equip smallbir- Instead of EQUIPPING THE SMALLBIRD to boost yourself, you decide to CU- What was that?> Wilson: Investigate sound.
  12. > Wilson: Pet it. Make him/her/it? feel loved. You successfully make it feel loved.Or at least you think you did.But now is not the time for names and making a smallbird feel loved since THE METEOR HAS NEVER STOPPED BEING A THING.> Wilson: Equip smallbir-
  13. > Wilson: Adopt the smallbird. You better get going before it wak- Oh my god, it woke up. It looks so innocent.... Well, you guess you have to take it under your wing. Even if your stuck in an eternal hell, you still got the MASTER PUN SKILLS. > Wilson: Pet it. Make him/her/it? feel loved.
  14. > Wilson: Examine Tallbird infested rocks You can't EXAMINE the TALLBIRD INFESTED ROCKS since IT IS NOT INFESTED WITH TALLBIRDS. Tallbirds are NOT VERY WELL KNOWN FOR MIGRATING, but today seems special with THE GIANT METEOR coming to possibly COMPLETELY WIPE EVERYTHING OFF THE FACE OF THE ISLAND. There's a SMALLBIRD that seemed to have been LEFT BEHIND and is FAST ASLEEP. The SMALLBIRD REMINDS you of YOUR CHILDHOOD, which YOU WILL NOT DELVE INTO at the moment. > Wilson: Adopt the smallbird.
  15. > Wilson: Continue to ignore voices, continue listen to gut reaction. Might as well check the tallbird infested rocks, since THERE'S A METEOR COMING STRAIGHT AT YOU. > Wilson: Examine Tallbird infested rocks.
  16. > Wilson: Ignore voices, listen to gut reaction.i cant make gifs God, these voices are more active today lately... As the feeling to stare at the sky is getting more in- What is that? Oh heck no > Wilson: Continue to ignore voices, continue to listen to gut reaction
  17. > Wilson: Sidestep Bigger Question, Exterminate The Closest Tree Available Welp, time to hop to it! As you walk to the closest tree available, something in side you wants to go to the small patch of rocks infested with tall birds first. The same thing also wants you to look at the sky today as well.
  18. also i got lazy on the image ,im sorry > Wilson: Exterminate Tree 1 ......There's like, a billion of trees on this stupid island, how the heck can you find one specific tree on a island that you're not even certain if it's even on the same plane of existence that Earth is on. You're not even sure if your even on Earth!the uncensored page is on the MSPFA website> Wilson: Sidestep bigger question, exterminate closest tree available
  19. > Wilson: Examine Surroundings. As previously mentioned, your name is WILSON, however your last name has been GLITCHED OUT OF EXISTENCE. As previously mentioned, your base has been COMPLETELY DESTROYED BY HOUNDS. You can only remember ONE INTEREST you have. You have COMPLETELY ISOLATED yourself from society in the name of SCIENCE. In your quest for SCIENCE, you heard a promise from a TALKING RADIO, which had possibly LEAD YOU TO YOUR DEATH. But that has not gotten in the way of your never ending THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE, since you seem to continue to learn the handles of this mysterious island a little bit more every day. You still need to gather resources and food before nightfall. > Wilson: Exterminate Tree 1