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  1. it was my first time cosplaying so ye but i couldn't get my hair to be like willow's, so i just let mom put my hair in pony tails or whatever
  2. spopler because 1.) the picture is sideways for some reason 2.) WILLOW NUGGET SIZED AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  3. > Wilson: Get Up He seems to be busy doing something with the meteor. Now's your chance! You will surely pay for this, you are certain of this. > ???: Grab
    1. ImDaMisterL


      It does sum me up amazingly well, at least.

    2. NoobModder


      I'm going to have to agree on this one.

      Well, I wouldn't know if anything I do is productive, because I simply don't do anything.

    3. Derpime


      10 for honesty.

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  4. or it could be from crying I USE PURPLE FOR SHADING
  5. > ???: Place meteor on the ground. It will be used later for sure. Nothing here goes to waste. Nothing. The only reason why you knocked out your only form of entertainment was so that he WOULDN'T THINK YOU'RE GOING SOFT. You run A VERY STRICT BUSINESS HERE, and you wouldn't want him to think that he can go fall of a cliff and expect you to save him. > Wilson: Get up
  6. > ???:Deal with the meteor. You have already delt with the meteor. You don't want your ONLY FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT DIE IN A VERY BORING WAY. > ???: Place meteor on the ground.
  7. > ???: Question if knoc- He seems to be not cooperating. > ???: Deal with meteor
  8. might as well throw in a skits into the mix yes im having fun at drawing a drawing from faelover don't judge me
  9. some old thing weirdbub showed me and decided to draw it mutant fusion for a FNaF crossover i saw someone do
  10. > Wilson: GET UP! JUST DO IT!!! Instead of continue being Wilson being K.O'ed, You decided to be the man who surprised punched Wilson. He looks more cunning then to be surprised punched. > ???: Question if knoc-
  11. > Wilson: Get K.O'ed You cannot do any of these things because you are now K.O'ed. > Wilson: GET UP! JUST DO IT!!!
  12. > Wilson: Check face You can't do any of these things since YOU ARE BEING SURPRISED PUNCHED. Sometimes, you wonder how you got to this point in your life. > Wilson: Get K.O'ed
  13. > Screen: Change again Oh god that sounded like it cam from behind you, but he's right there, so how did..... You are VERY SCARED right now. > Apear
  14. > Screen: Change Oh, it's him. And what are those behind him? Are they really that much of a threat that it requires immediate attention? Another question you have is why is he killing those but sends a meteor at you? Can those even be killed? And there goes the idea of the thing you're looking at is what he uses to spy on you. > Screen: change again
  15. dont you mean /b/ or was the whole goal of /b/ was to post something that can't be unseen im confused