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  1. the only productive thing i made from a 24 hr stream before passing out
  2. Field note 73: @minespatch seems like a friendly fellow. begin the stalking maybe a future friend? Will have to rebuild wall.
  3. watch this dissolve into mspaint trash
  4. fixed but in all seriousness, the second DLC's version of webber is overriding the first DLC of webber and the line local nest_recipe = Recipe("spidereggsack", {Ingredient("silk", 12), Ingredient("spidergland", 6), Ingredient("papyrus", 6)}, RECIPETABS.TOWN, TECH.NONE, RECIPE_GAME_TYPE.SHIPWRECKED) is the cause just get rid of RECIPE_GAME_TYPE.SHIPWRECKED and it would be fixed sorry this kinda came off as rood
  5. this i haven't encountered myself, but i did see it from a stream there was a guy in twitch's chat saying that when they set trees to "lots" it spawned some trees from Ship Wrecked dispite making a fresh RoG world. the streamer (flareV2) decided to do science and set everything to "lots" in a new world, and also decided to set everything from SW to "lots" the results? fishermerms and poison everywhere and Prime apes also this
  6. i was listening to bonetrousle on repeat while drawing this
  7. Yes the top is tallbird(and tallbird is of the female gender) Idk
  8. im still horrible with consistent-ness and other things like remembering to do certain things