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  1. its just wilson showing willow all the manures he doesn't give
  2. the entire art dump is in the spoiler, while the NSFW part is shoved into a spoiler inside the spoiler good night except its 6 in the morning and some of the drawings are maybe a year or more old
  3. i was kinda thinkin of since he's a knight of mind, he shows a minion or hero of it dying in so many ways it paralyzes a minion or hero from fear but has a chance to not faze them or whatever the only card game i tried playing was pokemon and even then i couldnt play it bc mental math and writing it down just ugh
  4. ew cards found a thing on google and threw a pic in it and did a thing
  5. have no idea what hearthstone is also i spoiled it
  6. edit: forgot to put a gore warning here for the spoiler COMPLETELY FORGOT TO POST THIS rip me
  7. does this constitute as a meme