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  1. turned out it was an accident

    i was right

  2. IMG_0332.PNG

    I don't remember doing anything and i look at the klei discord an im like ???

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Channel admins can change nicknames for the channel you're in

    2. DwerBomb


      (It's the Boof channel now)

    3. The Noon Fish
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  3. got 5 hours of speedpainting i gotta speed up and save


  4. i just mistaken someone on my friends list on steam as someone else from here

    for 2 days


  5. I find the lack of space pirates alarming Literally alarming in this case, as the console's been hacked and stuck in red alert!
  6. does a space pirate dupe count? she likes to steal resources from other colonies, among other unfortunate groups of people with some sort of value who happen to be on her path.
  7. i assume thats from a fan DLC for the TBoI:Re; am i correct?
  8. somehow they got a cardboard box and added wheels, a small battery and drew a door on it. they had been at this for 5 hours. and they just go in a circle.
  9. i didn't expect to do anything but a sketch of this but i did anyway because memes
  10. I was just mindin' my own business, trying to keep my dupes from suffocating themselves in water (since SOMEONE THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO GO SWIMMING WHEN THEY LITERALLY DUG THEMSELVES INTO A PIT.) After that incident, i waited a while for the printing pod to give me 2 new dupes for my colony, when i saw the legendary level 0 lump dupe and never in my life had i slammed the print button as hard as i had in the span of having the game. After showing him off to a few other people, i saved and shut the game down. Today, I booted up the game, only to find something odd with the resume button. It didn't display my cycles. tried to load the save, when it brought me to the screen with three dupes to be selected or randomized, and to name my colony. Messing around later, i looked and LOW AND BEHOLD, my manual save only had 1 KB, compared to the other(older and almost dead) colonies saves, which had ~2,000-3,000 KB stories aside, i'm not sure if it was printing the dupe, having to rush everything to get into bed, or some other elements/unlucky me that it became corrupted