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  1. More Crockpot Recipes

    Making use of the Spider Eggs and the otherwise pretty poop Spiderhat: Royal Feast: 1 Spiderhat 1 Spider Eggs 2 Monster Foods Looks like one of those roast pigs with the apple in it's mouth, except its a small spider queen with a durian in her mouth. Webber will say that he's betrayed his own kind.
  2. It's not the exploration I dislike, that is one of my favourite features of Don't Starve as a game. The fact that, if I/someone else wanted to play with both RoG and SW, the person playing would have to either build two bases (which I don't think is what people want to spend the majority of their time doing, but hey, whatever floats your boat) or build one base somewhere, and then go to the other world and be overwhelmed by the hounds or SW equivalent, because they would have no base. They would have to rebuild a fire pit, science machines if they wanted to prototype, and other base structures.Let's say, the player has survived on RoG for 150 days. They're pretty confident, so they go to SW. They then have no base, no crock pot, no drying rack, no crock pot, no anything. Now I don't know about you, but I personally wouldn't want this to happen. But, this discussion is pointless anyway, as you will not stray from your side as much as I will not stray from mine. If it is released as DLC, which I wouldn't prefer due to a later release date, I will probably make a world where I only play SW anyway. And that'll be that.
  3. Yes, but if we were to go with a portal, where would we make a base? In RoG or SW? They're both viable options, but making two fire pits/science machines/alchemy engines/crock pots etc. would probably be tiring after some time, and I imagine people would like to have a base in both the world of SW and RoG. Not a bad idea though.EDIT Made some changes.
  4. And this is a perfectly valid argument. However, what about when you're looking for that portal, do you collect stuff and make a base in RoG? Or do you rush to the portal and make a base in SW? The difference between caves and SW, is that the SW islands are designed to be more permanently inhabited, but caves aren't (due to the darkness and other dangers). So, in the end, we would have to choose between which world we made a base/spent most of our time in anyway.
  5. I, personally, prefer the idea of a standalone. Just because of the fact that it would probably be more of an experience in the long run. They seem to be completely redesigning the over-world as well, to fit Shipwrecked. There would be too much content to deal with, with caves, regular, RoG, and SW. I would prefer that all the content was available to me on release, and not when I manage to find a portal.
  6. Don't starve RP (regular survival) :)

    I'll join this too. Gtg sleep now though, because I'm pooped.
  7. I was, at first, quite disappointed when I heard this news, but after I watched the most recent dev-cast (had to watch it late because time zones) I have my confidence restored. I think that it will still be a great game, and although it would be a lot better if it were integrated, some of the things that they are adding just might not be possible to add. I do hope that at least some of RoG content will carry through, as it would be a waste if it wasn't.