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  1. The light at the exit of the caves is gone and doesn't seem to be coming back. My cave base is now in permanent darkness. I think I'll take a break from this game for a week or two. -.-
  2. Mino Clopper And Bronies?!?

    You should save the name for an item that blacks out the screen for five seconds and all you can hear is the sound of a hoof. When the lights come back on all sanity is mysteriously regained at the expense of 50 health.
  3. Mino Clopper And Bronies?!?

    I will now nullify the purpose in that long, intricate and many layered post with this short and effortless response: It was a joke. *thumbs up*
  4. Mino Clopper And Bronies?!?

    No-one here is going to google it because no-one here wants what sounds suspiciously like pony porn on their search history. If theres a horse molestation incident in my area I do not want the authorities kicking down my door as a lead suspect. Just explain it so we can all move on from what is now an extremely boring subject.
  5. Mino Clopper And Bronies?!?

    Are you implying man on pony action?
  6. I've taken a break for a while until new depths are added with new challenges to be mastered that respawn every so often. Thats what alot of people don't seem to get. Mastering survival should be stage 1, not the be all and end all. If it becomes easy to survive that doesn't mean the developers should nerf anything. It just means its time to add the next stages; exploration, risk, reward. Frankly anyone who sees survival as the ends rather than the means must lead a fairly joyless existence.
  7. Do the knights respawn in the ruins btw?
  8. K well, I'm going to have to explore another cave and kill another minotaur after the update... -.-
  9. ffs. Well I hope they're planning to keep the regen permanent then.
  10. Remember when I joked that now I'd killed the Minotaur they'd probably make it drop something useful? Yeah... don't suppose the Minotaur respawns now. Does it?
  11. Is that a trick question?
  12. Nonsense. Not every suggestion on this forum is to do with the difficulty. Some of it is actually interesting and suggests additional content. Second of all, I wasn't being any guy but well done on the drawing.
  13. Yes, because putting me on ignore will stop everyone who read your posts in this thread from registering the fact none of your objections had much to do with the actual subject. Pathetic.
  14. Wow, this is embarrassing. It seems you've mistaken me for Kevin *again*. I must reiterate that I am not him and your concerns about having to pay for additional content are not to be directed at me as I am not in anyway involved in that process. Have a nice day. (Also I made no mention of a penis cannon for the Deerclops. Thats just sick.)