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  1. The light at the exit of the caves is gone and doesn't seem to be coming back. My cave base is now in permanent darkness. I think I'll take a break from this game for a week or two. -.-
  2. You should save the name for an item that blacks out the screen for five seconds and all you can hear is the sound of a hoof. When the lights come back on all sanity is mysteriously regained at the expense of 50 health.
  3. I will now nullify the purpose in that long, intricate and many layered post with this short and effortless response: It was a joke. *thumbs up*
  4. No-one here is going to google it because no-one here wants what sounds suspiciously like pony porn on their search history. If theres a horse molestation incident in my area I do not want the authorities kicking down my door as a lead suspect. Just explain it so we can all move on from what is now an extremely boring subject.
  5. K well, I'm going to have to explore another cave and kill another minotaur after the update... -.-
  6. ffs. Well I hope they're planning to keep the regen permanent then.
  7. Remember when I joked that now I'd killed the Minotaur they'd probably make it drop something useful? Yeah... don't suppose the Minotaur respawns now. Does it?
  8. I asked a pro once. She said it'd cost me a tenner. *ba-dum-tshhhhh*