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  1. Another controller problem

    A new controller IS a bit of an investment for one game, but I wouldn't be surprised if you have controller problems for more games later if you buy a lot of them (a lot of Steam users do). I don't see how MotN has "bad controller support" though, my Logitech is practically ancient and it worked right away without having to mess with any settings. I mostly see PC elitists complaining about the mouse+keyboard controls, saying it's a lazy port, etc etc... not the controller support. :\Since I didn't mention it in my first post (keep forgetting), Joy2Key is free software. It's worth seeing if it recognizes your gamepad.Like I said, though, it's unlikely that Klei can solve your problem, so they may just not want to give an answer you don't want to hear. "Go fix it yourself, here are some suggestions" is not usually received well by most consumers.
  2. Another controller problem

    Offering help with user-end problems is a courtesy, not a service. You're more likely to get help if you ask more nicely.I digress. I had no problems getting my PS2-styled Logitech to work properly with the game, so if you're converting an actual Sony PS2 controller to USB (something I've never done before), it might be a conversion problem that's not being translated well in this case. If you're allergic to XBox360 controllers, a Logitech is an alternative I can vouch for. The newer ones even have XBox360-coloured buttons (ABXY) so the in-game XBox360 prompts don't confuse you.If you're tight on cash, you can try setting the game to keyboard controls and use JoyToKey. You can set mouse controls with it, but I've never used keyboard in the game, so I don't know what kind of inconveniences you might have to deal with (such as having to move the "mouse" over a grapple point).Other than that, maybe check to make sure the controller still works with Shank to rule out a failing cable. Ultimately, I don't think there's much Klei can do to resolve your issue, unfortunately, since it's a pretty specific user-end problem and I'm not honestly sure why it's happening, since the PS2 controller layout should translate properly to XBox360, like it did with my case.
  3. [Spoilers] So that ending...

    When watching the cutscene after the first level, I noticed that Azai says:"We will fight for our survival..." *CUT to Ninja* "...and, our honor!" *CUT back to Azai*Did Azai say that, or did Ninja just put words in his mouth? Something to think about...
  4. Many good suggestions so far. Here are mine:-Enemies get more suspicious (smarter) after repeated distractions, and start looking around more (like terrified guards do). With each distraction, their 'suspicion level' goes up. Different enemy types could start at higher levels.-Unlockable characters, even if some of them don't make sense (play as Ora, for example).-This is a big/pretty specific one, I'd be surprised but so very happy if it happens: Non-spoiler version: VS Mode! One player (or team of 2 players) lays traps and tries to kill their targets, while the other player (or other team) tries to distract, disable, evade and outwit their hunters, with players having limited vision like in NG+, and sound rings that only appear if you are in their range. Players can choose to either swap roles after each round or pick their style and stick with it. Options in play style were a big part of this game, and that should be just as important in any other modes as it is in the story.