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  1. This game is without a doubt the best game I have played and I have played a lot of games. And it was $15. I would buy and download "whack a mole" if Klei made it. They have won me over with the humor of the game and the sheer difficulty of beating it. Also their responsiveness to the community and opening it up to mods are amazing. I would like to say I think it is a bad idea to have locked that "evil" thread. EA has a bad habit of locking threads where people knock their games. Fortunately this more sane thread is here where we can discuss it. "...the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence." - Louis Brandeis.
  2. Attack Controls

    Thanks for fixing this. I have been biting my lip about these particular changes, figuring I could adapt, but I really didn't like it. Too much clicking gives me carpal tunnel plus I am terrible at clicking on small things like bees and butterflies. I am thoroughly impressed with your responsiveness to community feedback.