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  1. Hello, lovely fans! My name is WolfgangCarter, but I'm mostly just known as J! Even though I've had this account for quite some time, I never really did anything with it, so I figured it was high time to change that! So I'll be posting my art here! I hope you'll all enjoy it at least as much as I do! This is the card I made for the Don't Starve Tarot Project! I got Strength, which has a focus on Wolfgang. The Strength card often has imagery of the infinity sign and the taming of wild beasts, which I wanted to incorportate in the card itself! [Original Tumblr Post] An image of Wickerbottom I drew bc I wanted to draw her! She's certainly not please to see whoever or whatever stands before her. It wouldn't be a good idea to bother her right now. vov; [Original Tumblr Post] A commission I did for my friend Meghan! (AskMaxwell on Tumblr) I was worried about the palette, but I'm really happy how well it comes together. [Original Tumblr Post] ALSO! Here's a full version of my icon for these forums! It's just a goofy little thing. I'll hopefully post more art soon! And when I get a hold of working the forums, I'll mass-post some of the doodles from my RP blog. So look forward to it!
  2. OH! You're the one who did Wolfram's custom art!! <3_<3 I just adore your stuff, friend.
  3. Deer's DS fanart

    For someone concerned about underaged people finding an adult forum, you sure do act like an 8 year-old.