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  1. Ahhh I see, thanks for the reply! And actually I kinda would like overlays to stay as some sort of indication when buff will take place, rather than just I got faster and stuff.
  2. Good morning/day/evening, sir/madam! I'm currently making a character for DST, all artwork is done, but now I need some help with coding, more specifically: Heat and cold damage. I wanted to make that my character takes the double heat damage per second and lower heat tolerance, but no cold damage what so ever. As when the temperature drops below some point, character gaining speed and damage boost, his hunger rate is draining faster. Item. And here I have no idea what so ever even on the file hierarchy. I want to make an amulet that will be neglecting sanity drain from night (dusk one still should be there) and full darkness. (additionally if you can, give me some tutorials on character specific item creation, like how to make it what so ever I will be grateful) Thanks for the help beforehand P.S Sorry if something wasn't clear, or for my terrible grammar, English isn't native language for me. Though I will totally understand the answers, if you have questions to ask go ahead I'll try to reply ASAP. fawkes.lua