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  1. I'm on the same boat. Since Invisible Inc. I buy all tactical/strategic games (well, I really buy all games) from Klei. This one is probably on par with Invisible Inc. BUT, invisible inc is completely unique (no other game is stealth RPG so far), so I give the medal to that. That being said, this game is pure love for me. I really love it. I also love their Don't Starve plushes (I have a few of them), but I'm terrible at that game sadly
  2. What's the current max prestige? I read people mentioning 6, I just reached 6 but would like to know if there is more!
  3. What's current maximum prestige?

    Oh, I'm looking forward to discover the malus of prestige 7. The 6th is heavy already, must play more defensive.
  4. Wait, isn't killing already giving you improved loot? I always going for "kill" unless I'm trying to make a diplomacy deck...
  5. To be fair, slay the spire didn't have controller support for a long time either. I assume it will come at some point.
  6. I think they said they won't. Sadly. Invisible Inc is one of my favourite games (I have a list of 5-6, with no "best" between those) and I would play it on my phone every time possible if it was available.
  7. An iPad for this game would definitely be worth... ARGH!!!
  8. I run around with 4 EMP III and Xu, together with 4 buster chip 3, my program suite is horrible, I use it mainly for cameras: Power Drip I (started endless right after beginner campaign), Parasite 2, lockpick 2, ping, emergency reserve. I have internationale, decker, xu and sham, but now I'm like Day 14 and game got easy: I have 1 cloak 3 rig for each one, 1 shock trap III for each one and internationale has 2. Yeah, I can run 4 turns cloaked, it's a lot. And I have a combo between augments/neural disrupter where everyone can knock armor 3 guards (sham has guns though). In general, I'm satisfact with the entire team except for incognita which really lacks behind. The problem is: I want to keep ping (so powerful and cheap!!!), I don't have slots for portable servers, so I'm a bit stuck on this. All agents are maxed though, so I can spend money wherever I want, but I'm extremely scared of finding myself in a situation where I can't hack cameras because I'm in the middle of changing programs for incognita