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  1. What Was Your First Death?

    Oh my first death so long ago.... I was playing the before there was winter and sanity cant remember when and i was playing as Wilson it was my first play through but i did as you did and watched others play beforehand so i knew what i was doing. It was about my 15th night in or so i had a nice base going was working on a wall of trees around it because it looked cool to me. i was chopping down a few for wood when one rose and started coming towards me. I never seen one of those before and nearly crapped myself. I attempted to fight it in the dark burning all my trees bushes and grass (but not my sticks thank god for they are the most important of them all.....) he ended up killing me but i was not done yet for i was wearing a life giving amulet and da da da dun i rose up from the dead and guess what thought round two would be a good idea. I ended up dying a second time and that was it game over i was angry my stupid ass went back for seconds. Your death though was unique i did attempt to watch through the whole video your voice didn't bother me at all really it was just i didn't have time to waste watching someone else die when i am trying not to die myself. I found your reaction to your situation very hilarious.
  2. ponds cant dry up because one of wilson quotes when examining the pond is i cant see the bottom
  3. actually name him wips instead of sips (sticks with the same theme of all chacters having a w name) and dont make him worse than wes but make him with a horrible sanity but is addicted to meatballs and calls everything a bastard