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  1. ah, jeah? and how? ;P
  2. Ninox Fanart

    I try to create a werewolf with dont starve style... I like long ones (like this one: ), but thats not easy to mix. What do you think about?
  3. Ninox Fanart

    and the reason, why there arent candles...
  4. finally I find out how to upload a file again Xp
  5. Ninox Fanart

    A small sketch with wx again. i give it later some color. at the moment i feel to ill for that =_=
  6. Ninox Fanart

    mh, test? Gna, I dont know anymore how this forum and my paintprogramms are working >.< Why cant I upload a picture? a, i guess it finally works
  7. Ninox Fanart

    Wow. this came unexpected. i need to install the scanner again.thank you SOU much!
  8. Ninox Fanart

    trying around with some effects
  9. Ninox Fanart

    Oooooh! Thank you SOU much! I LOVE it!! *jumping happy around*
  10. awww, thx a lot! i'm very happy to hear this. many times i'm thinking, my art is a bit pathetic :oops:but its funny to draw this minicomics with your char XP
  11. Ninox Fanart

    just for fun
  12. LOL X'Dim so sorry for him, but at the same time... its so great XD