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  1. I try to create a werewolf with dont starve style... I like long ones (like this one: ), but thats not easy to mix. What do you think about?
  2. and the reason, why there arent candles...
  3. finally I find out how to upload a file again Xp
  4. A small sketch with wx again. i give it later some color. at the moment i feel to ill for that =_=
  5. mh, test? Gna, I dont know anymore how this forum and my paintprogramms are working >.< Why cant I upload a picture? a, i guess it finally works
  6. Wow. this came unexpected. i need to install the scanner again.thank you SOU much!
  7. trying around with some effects
  8. Oooooh! Thank you SOU much! I LOVE it!! *jumping happy around*
  9. awww, thx a lot! i'm very happy to hear this. many times i'm thinking, my art is a bit pathetic :oops:but its funny to draw this minicomics with your char XP
  10. LOL X'Dim so sorry for him, but at the same time... its so great XD