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  1. Wow thanks man, this is a huge thing for me! much obliged!
  2. thanks friend, i couldnt afford a red vest. i should get one for next year, i loved being dressed as wilson XD
  3. Bitter sweet love from Xjurwi itself Thanks, My friend spend hours doing it XD
  4. i grew out my hair for like3 months straight and it turned out hardly long enough ;n; thanks tho :3
  5. IM NOT CU- wait, someone actualy called me handsome instead of cute with these pics holy hello, unless you are referring to wilson carry on XD
  6. (i didnt have a red suit vest and i didnt have the money for one either so its not perfect) (dont mind the shitty decorations either, family HAD to put them up)
  7. *Wilson layed upon a straw roll while jenny entered his tent* "Sleep well"
  8. *the to arrive at the camp, the sight of night is midway through, wilson throws some logs into the firepit and light them on fire* well, nows the time to sleep jenny.
  9. *wilson laughs* i would sleep, most definatally..
  10. Research, its the only thing ive been doing for my life.. why?
  11. Dont ask, too complicated* wilson laughed, trying to remember the pathway he takes during the night to head back home*
  12. Thats not good, any pigment out will be werepigs, very dangerous and agry fellas.. cmon, lets get back to it. *wilson, led jenny towards their home
  13. *after jenny climbed up to the top of the hole, wilson followed behind her, soon they were both standing on the surface at night, luckily jenny still had her miners hat on*