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  1. Still working on the chapter. The reason for the long delay again is because in my spare time I've been working on a small Role Playing Game. The chapter will come out when I get a chance to finish it up.
  2. Doctor H. Derp. Thank you for your edits. I will not be editing the prologue, nor the first chapter, because I like people to see the mistakes I make. Because of people like you, correcting my mistakes, it makes me attempt to work harder and make sure mistakes don't happen. I'll edit the spelling errors but not any of the flaws in the writing. Thanks for pointing them out so I can learn from the flaws in my story :)Also, one more thing. Chapter four will be done soon. -Shadss.
  3. Draw Wes again, but this time riding his invisible bicycle.
  4. No offence dude but... Could you make your own thread for your own story please? I would appreciate it, Thanks.-Shadss
  5. Just kidding. Here it is, finally. Chapter 3: First Attempt Wilson's eyes slowly opened to the sight of the beautiful morning sky and the bright golden sun, shining rays of light to the ground below. Wilson rolled over so his stomach faced the ground and pushed himself up. He looked over at the fire, which was now just a small pile of ash and charcoal. He sighed and walked over to the ashes. Wilson picked up one of the near by twigs and poked around in the ashes, looking around for a small flame to relight the fire. Nothing but small embers were left in the ashes. Wilson sighed and wiped the sand from his eyes. The morning air was cold, and no one else was awake, which meant he had to restard the fire by himself. He picked up two of the near by flint rocks and piled some twigs over the ashes. The twigs dried overnight, making them able to catch fire without any grass. "Let's see... How did Wolfgang do this?" Wilson asked himself and tried to remeber yesterday. With a large amount of force, Wilson smacked the two rocks togeather. A shower of sparks fell from the two rocks and covered the twigs. The sparks quickly went out without catching flame to any of the twigs. Wilson smacked the rocks togeather again, and again, creating a shower of red hot sparks. The rocks created a loud noise each time they smashed togeather, which seemed to wake someone every couple of hits. The first to wake was Wes, who woke up after three hits of the rocks. He really didn't pay much attention to Wilson and the fire. He just picked up his pinecones and began to juggle for fun. The next to wake was Wendy, after five rock hits. She slowly rose and walked over to Willow, to check up on her. After seven hits of the rocks, Wolfgang woke. Wolfgang seemed happy to wake up, and instantly began to have conversations with the group; not stopping to assist Wilson. With ten strikes of the rock, each making a massive shower of sparks, the twigs caught flame. As fire grew, Willow began to rise, slowly opening her eyes. The flame seemed to excite her. She took off the crown of flowers and gave it to Wendy. Willow then stood up, not caring about her wounds, and trotted over to the fire. When Willow reached the fire, she just sat there, at the flames. Wilson gave a stunned look at Willow. "Aren't you supposed to be resting?" He asked. "Nah, I'm fine. It was just a scratch anyway." She said, not taking her eyes off of the fire. Wilson rolled his eyes and muttered a quiet "Okay". Wolfgang approached Wilson and tapped on his shoulder. "Tiny man, Wolfgang's belly is empty. Tiny man went out for food last day. Did you bring food?" Wolfgang asked, rubbing his stomach. Wilson was confused at first, and then remembered the berries and carrots in his pockets. He looked down at the pockets carrying the carrots and took a couple carrots out of the pocket. He gave the carrots to Wolfgang, and then took a few more out of his pocket. Wilson started passing around carrots to everyone, each person getting three of the orange vegetables. The carrots still had their crunch and taste, even after the day they spent in Wilson's pocket. Wilson finished his share of the food quickly and then walked over to the pile of flint and twigs. Wilson picked up one of the biggest branches in the pile and a flint rock. He then held them up and began to think. "I wonder..." He said to himself as he stared at the materials he held in his hands. Wilson set the branch on the grass at his feet, and got on his knees near the branch. He held the flint rock in both hands and raised them over the branch. Wilson brought the rock down on the branch with force, making the sharp end of the stone penetrate the stick. The end of the flint rock stuck out of the branch loosely, and began to wobble when it was touched. Wilson picked up another flint rock and hammered the end of the stone into the branch, making it more sturdy as it drilled deeper into the stick. Wilson stood up and picked up the crude tool. A sense of pride entered his mind, the tool he made was excellent for a first attempt. He swung the tool around for a minute, just to get the feel of it. As he was swinging the crude tool around, the group began to take notice of what Wilson created. One by one, the group began to look at the thing Wilson had made. Wilson stopped mid swing and looked up at the group, who stared at him with puzzled looks. "What is that?" Wendy asked, pointing at the crude tool in Wilson's grasp. "Well... It's a... Tool, I guess... I had in mind a hatchet when I was making it so, you could call it that..." Wilson said, looking down at the 'hatchet'. Willow walked up to Wilson, chuckling, and stole the tool from his hands. She then turned around to examine the quality of the tool, still letting out small laughs. "This is a pretty s**t hatchet, Percival." She chuckled, looking at the poor quality of the tool. "It's a first attempt." Wilson said in a sturn voice as he walked up and stole the hatchet back. "And it's all we got..." He continued. "Does tool work good?" Wolfgang asked and approached Wilson. "I don't know, I haven't tried it out yet." Wilson said, looking down at the hatchet and then to a near by tree. "I could go try it out though..." He continued and marched up to the tree. The pine tree was old, limp and appeared to be rotted slightly. Wilson raised the hatchet so the broad part of the head was facing in a downward motion to the tree. With one heavy swing, Wilson brought the hatchet down on the tree. A cloud of splinters exploded, and it wasn't from the tree. The handle of the hatchet shattered on impact and sent inch long splinters out in all directions, one hitting Wilson in the cheek. Wilson was shot back, shocked by the explosion. He fell on his rear and clenched his face where the slpinter struck him. The group all ran up to Wilson and crowded around his body. He was lying there with his hands on the lower portion of his face. "Are you alright?" Willow asked and held out a hand to pull Wilson up. Wilson removed one hand from his cheeck and grabbed Willow's out streched hand. With Willow's help, he pulled himself up, still having one hand on the wound. When he was on his feet, he took off the hand that was on his cheek and then pinched the top of the splinter. He slowly yanked out the shrapnel of wood from his flesh, causing insane amounts of pain in his face. Tears of pain flooded his eyes and dripped down his cheek. Halfway through pulling out the small spear from his face, he stopped; it was just causing too much pain to pull it out slowly. He then pinched the end harder and yanked the splinter out of his cheek, causing a few drops of blood to trickle down his face. Wilson wiped the blood off of his cheek, smearing the thick red liquid across his face. After the splinter was out, Wilson didn't care much about the wound. The pain nearly gone after the wooden shrapnel was removed from his cheek. He walked over to where the handle and the head of the hatchet landed. He picked the two parts up and held them up to examine them. The head was in good shape but the branch was not in usable condition. "Well, Mr. Inventor, looks like your tool didn't work out too well. The damn thing shattered and you were hit in the face with a splinter." Willow said with a smirk. "Now what?" She asked. Wilson sighed. "Back to the drawing board..." __________________________________________________________________________________ Ahh, bout' time that thing was done, am I right? Sorry for the delay guys. Also, If any other chapters are late and I don't say why, it's because TF2. Sniper all the way, baby! Anyway, thanks for reading!
  6. You know what guys, I just scrapped the chapter again for a third time. I didn't like it. It will be up in two weeks!-Shadss.
  7. Well good sir, I believe s**t just became real, did it not?
  8. Okay, I'm half way done with chapter three. I'm currently spending the 4th at my fathers house where I don't have the save file of the story, so on Saturday/Sunday (No later than Monday.) when I get back to my computer which has the file, I'll finish up the chapter and publish it. Happy 4th everyone!-Shadss
  9. *Sigh* Looks like I got some explaining to do....Okay, first of, I apologize for the delay of chapter three, but it is coming, don't worry. My computer had a few problems with it, which is one of the reasons the next chapter is late. The other reason is that I had to rewrite the chapter three times. I wrote it once, didn't like how it was so I scraped it. I then wrote another chapter differently, but I lost the work because of my computer crashing (Which leads to it being fixed.) I now have to rewrite it again, so I'm not too happy about that. It will come, it will just take a bit. I apologize. Thanks for understanding-Shadss
  10. Chapter Two: Sunset. Wilson helped Willow walk over to a near by pine tree. He leaned her against the bark, back first. She had both her hands on her ribs, where the pain was. Willow slowly slid down the bark and sat the base of the tree. Wilson turned around to face the rest of the group. "What now?" Wolfgang asked. "Well, I say we take that guy's advice. Not starving sounds like a good plan, if you ask me. I saw some bushes with ripe berries on them, and there are plenty of carrots around." Wilson said. He paused and then looked at Willow, then back at the group. "I can go and try to find them if you look after Willow." Wilson continued. "I can look after her..." The little blonde girl said in a soft, unemotional voice. "Alright then, it looks like I'm off." Wilson said and then began to walk in the direction of the lush forest. Wilson quickly reached the flourishing forest and the animal life quickly made itself noticeable. The birds were back to chirping and there were many rabbits jumping around. Wilson walked around the forest, food was abundant in this part of the forest. Berry bushes were growing everywhere and the tips of carrots dotted the green grass, making them easy to find. Wilson turned to the first berry bush he saw and began to walk in that direction. He reached the bush and kneeled down, the berries were a beautiful shade of red and were all over the bush. Willson plucked one off the bush and popped it in his mouth. He crushed the berry on the top of his mouth with his tounge, letting the juices coat the inside of his mouth and slowly drip down his throat. The juice was sweet, and so was the skin of the berry. Wilson started to pluck more and more berries off of the bush, throwing each one in his mouth. Within minutes, the bush was bare. Wilson looked hard for more berries on the bush, but none were found. "Whoops." He chuckled. "Looks like it's time to move on to the next one." Wilson got back on to his feet and walked to another near by berry bush. He controlled his urges to eat every one of the flavorful, red berries and instead started putting each berry in one of his pockets. Wilson left this bush bare as well. He stood up, and then walked to the next bush, collecting each berry off if it and stuffing it his pocket. He repeated this multiple times until his pocket was full, popping berries into his mouth every now and then as he collected. After he was finished, he stood up and began to walk back to the group, until he noticed something on the ground. Poking out of the ground was a carrot tip. "I wonder if those taste good..." He said to himself as he knelt down. Wilson grabbed the top of the carrot and plucket it out of the ground with one clean pull. He wiped off some of the dirt off of the carrot, making it show more of it's color. He set the carrot in his mouth and bit down. The carrot made a beautiful cracking noise that seemed to echo out through all of the forest, proving that it was fresh. Wilson began to chew the bit of carrot in his mouth, creating a cracking noise with every bite down. He bit the rest of the carrot off, leaving only the green top of it in his hand. He threw it down on the ground and began to collect the carrots. Wilson plucked each carrot out with ease, making his pockets easy to fill with the delicious orange vegetables. He filled two of his pockets with the bright orange carrots to the point of the pockets almost bursting open. Wilson began to walk group, satisfied with what he had in his pockets. As Wilson walked to the group, he stopped yet again. A large shiny rock was on the floor. He crouched down and picked it up. He looked into it. "Flint..." He said to himself. "We might have a use for this, somehow." He continued. H Wilson stuffed the flint in his pocket and began to collect it as he walked back to the group. The walk back took slightly longer than the walk to the forest, only because he was stopping along the way to pick up the large rocks of flint. When he got back to the group it was a slightly better sight than when he left. Wes was in the back juggling pine cones to entertain the rest of the group. Wolfgang looked over and saw Wilson. "Hello tiny man! Look, tinier man is doing trick!" Wolfgang said, pointing at Wes. "It is actually quite amusing..." Wendy said, tending to Willow who now had a crown of flowers on her head. "Back in days of circus, good friend Luke would do same trick." Wolfgang stated, while admiring Wes' trick. Wilson walked over to Wendy and Willow. Willow was still sitting at the base of the tree, but she was unconscious. "What's wrong with her?" Wilson asked Wendy. "Oh, nothing is wrong with her. She decided to sleep to help numb the pain. I looked at her wound, no cuts or anthing. She'll be fine with enough rest." Wendy said in responce to Wilson. "And what's that thing on her head?" Wilson asked while pointing at the crown of flowers on her head. "Oh that? That's a garland, silly. It's supposed to calm the nerves. My sister Abigal taught me how to make them..." Wendy said and then paused. "I can make one for you, if you'd like!" She continued, shaking the thoughts of her sister from her mind. Wilson, not being rude, responded with a simple "Sure". He then got up and walked over to Wolfgang, who was sitting down on the grass still watching Wes juggle the three pinecones. "Hey," Wilson said and tapped Wolfgang on the shoulder. "Ahh! Tiny man, have you come to watch tinier man's trick?" Wolfgang asked. "No, actually I need to ask you a question." Wilson stated. "Ask question, then, comrade!" Wolfgang responded and stood up. "Do you know how to start a fire, Wolfgang?" Wilson asked, taking out the flint rocks from his pockets. "Yes, but fire girl is better." Wolfgang said, pointing at Willow's sleeping body. "I assume so, but she is... Well... Asleep. Could you do it?" Wilson asked, holding out the pile of flint rocks. "Wolfgang can do anything!" Wolfgang shouted and took the rocks. Wolfgang set the rocks in a small pile on the grass. He walked around, plucking the large bundles of grass from the ground and throwing them in a pile over the rocks. Wolfgang then walked up to the tree that Willow was lying against. He broke off some of the branches and threw them on the pile as well. He then walked over to the pile and got on his knees, organizing the materials. Wolfgang made an X with the branches and then placed the grass over the branches in a small bowl-like shape. He picked up a flint rock in each hand and struck them togeather, creating a wave of sparks. It took multiple tries, but the sparks finally caught in the bowl. Wolfgang lowered his face to the sparks and blew, making the sparks spread and increase in size. He waved his hands on the sparks, making them glow bright and redhot. The pile of dried grass began to catch fire, creating smoke. The fire spread and lit the braches on fire as well. When Wolfgang was finished with the fire, the sun was setting, painting the ground a golden orange. "I make fire!" Wolfgang shouted "Ha, good job Wolfgang." Wilson said, chuckling. "Thank you, tiny man!" Wolfgang stated. Wolfgang walked over to Wes and sat down in front of him. "Tinier man, do trick!" He shouted. Wes gladly nodded and began to juggle the three pine cones. Wilson walked over and sat next to Wolfgang to watch Wes' juggling. After minutes of the trick, the sun began to set more, making it darker. "Tiny man, go throw more tree on fire." Wolfgang said, looking at Wilson. Wilson nodded and then stood up. He walked over to the fire. He threw the last branch on the fire and then headed out to look for more wood. He began to walk away from the fire in the opposite direction of where he got the food, which was still in his pockets. He walked for a good five minutes without finding a single tree with a branch strong enough for him to break, and low enough for him to reach. Noticing the sun was setting fast, he started picking off the twigs from the saplings scattered around the forest. Wilson kept going farther and farther, picking up twig after twig; until he saw it. A giant pile of spider silk, covered in eggs. Spiders wandered around the pile of silk and eggs. The spiders were at least the size of Wilson's head, and jet black, with bright red and white eyes. Wilsons heart nearly jumped out of his chest when he saw this, he always was afraid of spiders. He had to cover his mouth with his hand not holding the twigs to keep himself from screaming. He slowly backed up, and when he was a suitable distance from the nest, turned around and sprinted back to the group. He ran as fast as he could, adrenaline rushing through his veins. He ran and ran until he saw the light of the fire. When Wilson reached the group, he stopped dead in his tracks and caught his breath, inhaling and exhaling fast. He dropped the pile of sticks at his feet and sat down, fear in his eyes. "What is wrong, tiny man?" Wolfgang asked, looking at Wilson. "S-Spiders... The- They're everywhere back there..." Wilson stuttered... "Spiders? Pah, I crush spider with foot!" Wolfgang said, pointing to his foot. "No Wolfgang, you don't... These spiders were huge! As big as your head!" Wilson said, almost shouting. "Oh... That is big spider..." Wolfgang said. Wendy walked up to Wilson who was still sitting. She reached out her hand with the flower crown in her palm. "Here, I finished your crown... It looks like you need it now." She said in her soft voice. Wilson took the crown from her hand slowly and set it on his head. "Th-thank you, Wendy." He said. "You should get some rest, the sun is almost set anyway." Wendy stated. "I... You're right, I should get a bit of sleep..." Wilson said and slowly began to lie down. He closed his eyes and tried to drift into a slumber, but it did not come easy. After minutes of trying to shake the thoughs of the overgrown spiders from his mind, his body finally allowed him to rest. Wolfgang stepped over Wilson's sleeping body and tossed a couple twigs on the fire. He began to talk to himself and anyone who cared to listen. "Tiny man is baby, he scared, of bug! Big bug; yes. But still bug!" Wolfgang said. "Actually, Wolfgang, a spider is an arachnid, not a bug." Wendy said, correcting Wolfgang. Wolfgang turned his head to look at Wendy in a confused way. "A-rack-need? Pah, bug is easy to say." He said while throwing more sticks onto the fire. Wendy rolled her eyes and looked at the sun's final moments of this day. The sky was like a painting, mixtures of pinks, purples, blues, and oranges, all bleeding togeather as the sun set. It was truly a sight to see. Wolfgang lied down next to the fire, muttering something about bugs and 'A-rack-needs'. Wes lied down farther away from the fire, setting his juggling pine cones next to him as he ajusted his position of sleeping for more comfort. Wendy did not sleep often, but tonight was a night when sleep did come. She lied down the farthest away from the fire. Wendy closed her eyes and sleep began to slowly come. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Sorry if this chapter is of less quality than the others, I wrote this half asleep . Anyway, thanks for reading! EDIT: Changed the name of the chapter. Sunset sounded better, as there wasn't really any darkness.
  11. ...I just stared at that gif for like five minutes.
  12. Draw your interpretation of Wendy and Abigal, if you have the time.