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  1. Another controller problem

    that is rude? i guess i'll have to be more tender with posting things on forums from now on since ppl get mad quick
  2. Another controller problem

    that is actually what I'm looking for, suggestions, I AM trying to fix it myself, its just being difficult. like I said tho, its not imperative because the game WORKS with my controller, i just have to use my keyboard to navigate menus and change ranged weapons. Any suggestions on how I could mod that would be great. as far as an external solution I am fully aware of the disable option then using some software to emulate the keyboard ( i do this with arma 2 so im better able to fly planes ) but I really like to get the controller working in the game since it is a bit quicker than loading up 3rd party software. just nitpicking i guess, again, just wondering really if anyone had a similar problem.
  3. Another controller problem

    and also, how did i not ask nicely? I didn't think I was rude
  4. Another controller problem

    Thank you for your response, I was just annoyed that NO ONE had any idea whatsoever. Your right, it IS a pretty specific issue but you can't act like this game has great controller support, there are a lot of people reporting controller issues, at least from what i've seen on the steam forums. I was also annoyed that my ps2 thing works for all my games but this one, not going to buy a new controller for one game when the one I have works great, I guess its an option though. Thanks again for your reply.
  5. Another controller problem

    I'll have to remember that Klei has very poor PC support
  6. Hello! I read the FAQ and I KNOW that you guys don't other controllers besides xbox360 but I got mine to work almost perfectly. I use a PS2 controller with a usb converter and I used the 360ce.exe that almost never fails me with my games and I am able to play the game but i cant navigate any of the menus or use my directional pad in the game so i have to use my keyboard to pause, navigate the menu and switch my throwing weapons that would normaly work of the d-pad. Any one have any ideas? ive tried everything, just sucks cause I did the SAME EXACT THING for shank 1 and 2 and it worked easy as pie but this game just wont work for whatever reason. PLEASE HEP