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  1. I'm not exactly sure with the hunger part, but I do know that stocking mosquitoes is probably a VERY bad idea..for obvious reasons xD
  2. No offense, but do you guys really think that Klei is going to make an entire new world or biome/some other cool sh*t just for their puzzle? They will probably make a new Adventure mode if anything. New chapters, same generation system etc. I'm not trying to burst any bubbles here but lets be realistic, they just came out with a new DLC and they're probably not going to add much more to that. However, I would be more than happy to be proved wrong
  3. So your plan was to make mosquito bombs!? Genius!
  4. I believe these two are colluding...!!! lol
  5. I don't believe we are done yet...
  6. Someone who has never played the game was exactly what was needed. The devs knew people would go too far into the game to try and figure it out lol.
  7. It only took 53,000+ views and 1100+ posts but good job everyone lol xD
  8. CASTOR and POLLUX holy ****
  9. The devs are soaking this up... XD
  10. What about the three capital C's? Anyone investigated this somehow? The three Seas or something...idk