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  1. how u mine for silk?

    My Dark Bribe negates your Call of the Haunted, however, in exchange, you may draw one card.
  2. Fick you!? That's amazing. They really ought to sticky this one to remind people why this game does not need multiplayer.
  3. I think what he's trying to say goes for me too. I don't care too much if a game is realistic or based on pure fantasy. I'm playing a game to have fun, and I'll play whatever games I enjoy whether it's Bad Company 2, Don't Starve or Pokemon. I don't have problems until games start sliding too far towards one side of the scale. Too realistic can easily be boring as I can experience reality for free without paying for a game, and too much fantasy gets silly after a while.
  4. ALl that does is delay the inevitable, pelontrix will kill him one day. After a while, it's much easier for him to start taking ALL of the butter by force instead of hoping that he might throw him one stick of the stuff.
  5. From my experience farming him to get my krampus sack on my older world, he starts snarling at you once you hit a certain naughtiness level, and then spawns if you keep acting like a jerk towards bunnies and other innocent creatures.
  6. Well, I believe the krampus actually makes a fairly loud snarl before he attacks. Have you been naughty or nice?
  7. Was it winter? Maybe you heard a deerclops. If not, you're probably being stalked by pelontrix.
  8. I just pinned the badge to Woodie's shirt to show my support.http://imgur.com/BuxYHrYThat axe was all wrong, so I replaced it with Lucy. I had to draw him some new fingers in photoshop so it wouldn't look too unnatural. Had to rewrite the 'e' in his name tag too.
  9. I saw the title of this thread... and I had to post this...
  10. Max days you've survived?

    Day 218 so far.
  11. Show us your camp!

    Wow! I used to think my stuff was pretty good, but some of you guys put my base to shame! I'm going to steal some of those ideas for sure.Here's what I have:http://imgur.com/t4fxmQyhttp://imgur.com/QPwn6YWhttp://imgur.com/DzccrJIhttp://imgur.com/arHLTXELast one is one of many chests stocked with those things because you can never have enough :PIt's kind of cluttered compared to some other bases on here, but it was build over time. Things were added whenever I needed them, and one day I just decided to wall it all in. I should make more tooth traps though...
  12. Share your tips with other DS players!

    If you can find a merm village (the frog people) in the marsh biome, lead them to any tentacles you can find. They'll be attacked and begin attacking the tentacle as a group, some of them dying while the others kill the tentacle. Then you can pick up all of the drops, including the tentacle spike a stronger melee weapon than the spear. The merms also drop fish and frog legs upon death, which can be eaten or cooked in your crock pots to make a bunch of different recipes.