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  1. I'd never originally planned to do a cameo of Wes, but for some reason yesterday I just had all these thoughts about poor Wes, the most unfortunate of all "Don't Starve" characters. So many thoughts, and I'll tell you, it got dark. Fast.
  2. Being that I've browsed through the entirety of this thread, I thought it appropriate that I take the time to comment on how lovely I think your art is. I quite like your rendition of Wilson, and the shadow arm is a very cool headcanon. I've seen your stuff as well on Tumblr and the Steam community, and just to let you know: it's still awesome. Keep up the fine work.
  3. I've always had a headcanon for Don't Starve of Maxwell as Wilson's patron, and like all patron's Maxwell seeks to have full control over his asset. As a consequence for Wilson's defiance, Maxwell strands him out there in this terrible place.
  4. Another in my series, I'm starting in on one cell comics now as ideas strike me...
  5. I don't think Maxwell looks too creepy in this, and in which case I'm sorry to disappoint. Though rest assured, I'm not done with Max, but I think I'll give his scratchy little cameo a break.And thank you so much to those that commented. And so glad you like the style.
  6. First one. I've always fancied Wilson an industrious, but much beleaguered alley cat out there in the wilderness stranded by Maxwell.I'm thinking of doing Maxwell next...