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  1. Ah thank you! (yes....the meat effigy stands proudly on my front yard, attracting bird and curious neighbor alike XD). And I absolutely will post more pictures, thank you!
  2. He shall be FABULOUS > - - - Updated - - - LUCAS AND LINK! XD oh wow I've never seen an Earthbound/ Mother cosplay before, awesome! I was Link once...being Link is fun X3
  3. Oh really? That'd be great, if you don't mind terribly X3. I'm also cosplaying from OFF if it helps any XD (and Wendy that's cool! )
  4. nnnnnOMG XD Shucks thank you so very much! I absolutely love the character, so knowing that people think I did a good job....oh my goodness you're so sweet here's a hug! \>v</
  5. oh gosh, thank you! XD really I had just come out of the shower and it kinda stuck up every which way so I played with it a little X3 Once I go to the con I'll actually use product though because it kept fluffing down a little on the side. Oh well. Thank again!
  6. Hello everyone! I just joined this site, but I love it already! I will be attending SoDak Con (Western SD's only Convention), and for all of saturday my silly but will be milling around as Wilson! My brother shall be Maxwell, but I have yet to sew the fur onto the collar, so pictures of him will have to wait until after the con. However, have some of me!Sorry for the crappy quality had to take 'em with my webcam XDAnyway, I started this post with the hopes of possibly finding other Don't Starve cosplayers, especially if you're thinking of attending SoDak Con this weekend. Even if you don't have a cosplay, or are still working on one, etc, feel free to discuss relating things here!
  7. This is my favorite art in all existence bless you and your talented noggin X3
  8. I made my OC, (I'd draw her but I just got the dust off of my poor tablet and am not very good at digital art quite yet TvT) I wanted to get a feel for my character and could use some critique, so here goes nothing!Name: WilhelminaTitle: The Aspiring NovelistVoice: Xylophone"Usually I read a book to take me to strange new places, but this time I actually went outside."*As an albino, her sanity goes down a little quicker during the day because of the sun's harsh rays*Can distract or fight some monsters by extending her living shadow as bait*Can survive longer on less food at a cost of more fragile sanity*As a character with a companion shadow, actual hallucinations appear in human shapes, not monster shapes, as she fears other people more than the unknown*Can feed Nightmare Fuel to her shadow to make it's attack range wider*Can craft the Divining Rod with only 2 Nightmare Fuel*Has a bigger health penalty from poisonous and spoiled food(edit: had a tektek avatar made but the image won't show so I just took it out TvT)