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  1. Oh okey. No Problem Is there something in the picture you don't want to draw or is it too big?^^
  2. can you draw 3 lol-wut merms poking a fish with a stick <3?
  3. Hey, Here the thread for the DS-TCG I made a quick system, please give feedback. Game System The Player The players (you and your opponnent) are called as 'Puppetmasters', like Maxwell, who try to fight each other with their own creatures. The main goal is to kill the enemy Puppetmaster's character. The life is displayed in dices, sheet of paper, calculator and so on. If they get to 0, they are dead and lost the game. On your hand you are allowed to have 8 cards, if you have more than that you need to throw one onto the Graveyard (where all the dead/used cards come) at the begin of your turn. Cards They are a few different kinds of cards. Ressources, Creatures, Items and Characters. You can only have one character and only 6 items at the time on the table. The character card get layed on the table before the game. Ressources are the basic materials which you need to buy the other cards. You can only bring 1 into a game at once in your turn. You can "collect" the ressources by marking them somehow or turn them or just remember them. You can only store ressources for your turn, so you can't stack them up or something like that, 1 card equals 1 ressource. After the enemy's turn you can "regrow" them by just taking away the marker. Creatures are every non-character mob in the world such as spiders or pigs. They have 2 values, DMG (Damage) and ARM (Armor). They ARM defines how much get take away from the enemys DMG. When the enemys DMG is higher than your ARM the creature goes down on the graveyard. You can equip your character and your creatures with 1 chestpiece, 1 tool and 1 helmet at a time. You can only equip creatures if it stands on the card tough. Items are cards that you can play in your inventory (just a place on the table) and use them from there. You can only use a item once per turn. Attack turn You can attack once in your turn. With your character and your creatures. Both works the same way, altough your character don't have only 1 lifepoint. You can attack only with 2 cards per turn. You can choose if you want to attack the character or a creature. On a creature it's just DMG and ARM comparison. If your character gets attacked you can choose a creature to "block" for you or tank it by yourself. Just so you understand the damage system: Your DMG - Enemy ARM = Damage in lifepoints The most creatures have only one lifepoint, this is more important for the character. Soo what do you think Lg
  4. I think that would break the game.The art style is one of the things why I play that game.
  5. I think 'Multiplayer' in that way wouldn't work anyway. If multiplayer then it have to be 2 player coop. Otherwise it's pointless.
  6. Well, im gonna do a request too :)I would looove to see 3 derpy/lol wut merms poke a fish with a stick
  7. <3 I love you art, I have another request for you, the last one for this week I promise. Please make a lol wut merm that smacks [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] in the face ^.^
  8. This is hilarious D: How do you draw so fast? Which programm do you use? Can I add you on steam <3?
  9. The merms are amazing D: Please draw a lol wut? merm!
  10. I could try an animation.It would be hilarious because I can't draw.Do you want actually voices or the chat bar in the animation?BTT: This is hilarious
  11. I would consider to make the max on both sides to 3, not 6. It needs to long.
  12. Name: Jessy - The real queenPersonality: EvilPet: An adorable spiderRace: HumanGender: FemaleAppearance: Quite small, long black hair, quite sporty, age looks about 19Stats n abilities: - Go really fast insane while nighttime- Can transform health into nightmare-spiders while insane- Can controll the shadow hands (ofc while insane)- Very neurotic- Like to destroy thingsBackstory: Jessy was an adorable little child. An adorable little child, in an adorable little psychiatry. Why she was there? Mhm... she could see things, that other couldn't. She talked to things, that wasn't there. Her parents brought she there, because on her birthday she talked with guests, that wasn't there. So she lived alone in the small room, without furniture, because she destroyed it all. Amongst her 16th birthday, the shadows talked of an own world, where she could be what she wanted and talked to who she wanted. She wanted to hear more, and the shadows told her more. And on her 19th birthday, she askes for transfering, and the shadow hands pulled her without resistance in the ground.
  13. Nakroma's ApplicationRoleplay Character Name: JessyRace: HumanGender: FemaleAppearance: Quite small, long blond hair, quite sporty, age looks about 19Personality: She will refuse, if possible, to see/touch/make something disgusting like spiders. she is quite happy and tries to cheer her enviroment up.Backstory: She lived on a farm in the real world besides a small village. the farm was running very good, so her father got rich. she liked to wander around in the wilderness. in her curiosity she tried to explore the whole forest, that was near the farm. that was when she found maxwells door.Abilities: - Get generally not so fast insane, but when she sees something scary/disgusting she gets even more insane. - Can seduce creatures with her charme and a few flowers.