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  1. The Nope Thread

    nop[e to... pigs
  2. The Retirement Home

    i will take the title: the old zombie
  3. The Retirement Home

    can i be the janitor? or doctor?
  4. God Role Play(Accepting New Rpers)

    hmmm.... to be a god
  5. The Nope Thread

  6. The Nope Thread

    ooohhh, because squareenix's games suck!
  7. The Nope Thread

    um.... did anyone make any sense of that? inventor? no, damn
  8. The Nope Thread

    how? how is a square evil?
  9. The Retirement Home

    ugh fine... this is what i get for trying to revive this club.
  10. The Retirement Home

    too late.
  11. The Retirement Home

    it is revived. and i am a senior
  12. The Nope Thread

    i see what your doing there
  13. zomnat's rolplay 2.0

    i just know a bunch because i study it
  14. zomnat's rolplay 2.0

    H-How did you know that?