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  1. Charlie As A Playable Character?

    That's an easy one, just give her immunity to the grue, since, you know, she is the grue. But the first letter in her name doesn't even resemble a "W" so don't count on an official release.
  2. Version


    Your decent into madness begins with the "Hunger Pains" Character Pack, Part 1: Winnifred. For more information, visit my lovely forum post:
  3. Preview Mod Upgrade Issues

    Err, just to clarify, how much does this effect custom built characters? Assuming it will break them, how do I go about updating them to work with the new system?
  4. [WiP] Don't Starve SuperMod!

    Hia! Assuming I manage to scrounge up the help needed to finish my own mod I'll also be happy to join the mod team and offer my services as an artist. I can do some very game-accurate stuff as you can see:However, before I can spend any amount of time working on other projects I REALLY need some coding work done! If anyone lua savvy can take just a little time to help me out, I'm getting more desperate by the second here! D:!-quot-Hunger-Pains-quot-Character-Pack-Part-1-Winnifred
  5. Not bad broseph!His face and head are real distinct, I especially like his expression and the way you drew his mouth. My only real gripe is from the back his torso looks a bit too much like a recolor of wilson. Still, matches the game's style to a tee, which is always a major plus!