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  1. Ahh, this story is amazing, I can't wait to read more!
  2. No X3 Sorry, I just didn't want to leave anyone out T_T
  3. Thank you! ^u^I should draw her more, yes. But I am somehow stuck with drawing Wilson TuTHe is fantastic to draw XD
  4. Lol, that's pretty cool to imagine to be honest! XD Unfortunately no Though you could get the lite version, though I'm not sure how great the program would be.. :/ Aww thank you! ^.^ I'm glad that you like it!--Also, sorry for not posting for a long(ish) time, been busy and have been posting comics on DrawCast(free app, my username is yummi if ya wanna check it out :3)But I will post more, but right now, I only have Wilson with small birds TuT I hope you like it! =^.^=
  5. ^.^ I tried, I hope you like it! ^.^ (Sorry, I couldn't colour them, there were just too many T_T) I use a program called Art Studio on the iPad(Yes I draw with my finger ^.^)Also, photoshop(sometimes)! ^.^ Awww, thanks!!
  6. You didn't specify who/what will be wearing the vest and hat, soo, here it is! XDI hope it's alright ^.^ Aww, cheers! And I will keep posting as much as I can! ^_^
  7. Hehe, no problem! Keep posting them up, I would like to see more! ^.^
  8. Oh my god, I laughed when I saw the Sips one XDThese are amazing though, I mean, drawing with a mouse isn't easy but you've done a really good job! ^.^
  9. Oh my god, this comic is amazing!! I seriously can not wait for the next page, brilliant job! ^.^
  10. Sorry for taking so long, I had lunch 'n stuff!But anyways, here it is! O_O Uhh, sure, I'll draw it! But what/who do you want me to draw wearing the puffy vest and a winter hat?
  11. Ahhh yes!!! XD Duncan and Sips is my fave!! XDGlad to meet another yognau(gh)t here! ^u^ Omg, so much people know sips!! This is great!! :DAnd sure, it may take a while ^.^ Aww, thank you!! I'm glad you like it! =^u^=
  12. Hehe, I love the yogscast!! XDMy last two drawings on my first post was a reference to the Yogscast ^.^ XD