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  1. so i saw someone do a preview of this update before it came out and i saw them play around with the 4th science/magic machiene and there was the tele locator focus as well. idk if my DS updated properly because when i clicked on it to open it started updating, did they not realease these new items yet or am i just dumb?
  2. That's not a question but it sounds like you had a lot of bad luck, in the future if you don't want to lose your world you should make saves
  3. Well with my experience frogs are out during the day and can make fishing a real pain because if you get too close, not only do they attack you but they steal your stuff, a pond inside a swamp how ever will never spawn frogs and is an easy way to get fish
  4. Razors

    How do think? I don't usually go around killing everything I see, therefore I have no reason to play as Wolfgang, Wilson does not have a catch and I just like playing with him because its easy to get beard hair. That's it, just no gimmicks
  5. Razors

    Wasn't thinking straight, meant he has to go insane for nightmare fuel and needs beard hair for an effigy
  6. Razors

    Needs beard hair for shadow manipulator + Wolfgang can easily die like anyone else wen over whelmed with hounds or spiders
  7. Razors

    Wolfgang has Togo insane for beard hair so Wilson > anyone
  8. cool mods

    your are free to play how ever you want, i just feel like backpacks inside backpacks and craftable uncraftables makes the agme to much easier for wimpy players, you can just hide in a corner and do nothing but get really great items that you would of had to fight for, but you are free to play however you want, i just dont like those mods because it takes away from the sruvival aspect of the game
  9. cool mods

    The mods I have so far is the test tools mod, I plan on installing the always on and food values but now I might also install inventory improvements. These mods I find actually useful, all of the other mods are dumb, like craft able uncraftables, replant able crap, backpacks in backpacks, it's just there to make the game super easy and that is basically cheating. If you come across anymore USEFUL but small mods let me know
  10. cool mods

    thank you
  11. cool mods

    can you also give me links to a thread for each explaining what they do or whats in them?
  12. cool mods

    so i just installed a mod that lets you show the whole map and i like seeing what worlds look like other than the original one i play in. just curious if you guys know any other mods that wont alter my gameplay that much, or just cool mods to muck around with, if you guys know any mods like that please let me know what they do and supply the download link, thank you!
  13. its easy to kill once you get your doging down. hit it once, let it swing its arm then hit it again, straight after you hit it run away, when u see it stop swingint its arm go and hit it again, once you get that down its easy, i sometimes o it without armour
  14. not you, the idiots who are argueing over how to kill a gobbler..