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  1. While I can safely say I'm not even the tiniest bit interested and I think this was a mistake to even contemplate allowing, I do want that giant pengull in the actual game.
  2. The new skins all look fantastic but the fact that the opulent versions are separate to the regular ones is a massive shame, I wouldn't have weaved the normal ones had I noticed that beforehand.
  3. Just so people know, there is a mod you can use to unravel duplicates.
  4. How can it be that Wes has the most elegants? Who even plays Wes?
  5. When you make a Battle Spear as Wigfrid with the Ultimate Spear elegant skin, attempting to drop it onto the ground renders it invisible. This is not the case with the helmet however. You can pick it up without any issues, it's just not visible.
  6. In future please ensure matchmatching is done properly. Allow us to filter out by region, by ping, by level and by god let us kick people.
  7. I think we need a tracksuit skin to go with the new squatting emote.
  8. Probably similar to Pengulls, I think. Appearing and disappearing with the seasons.
  9. Changing the key fixed it, I really should have thought of that. Thanks.
  10. I don't seem to be able to open the console in DST. I've pressed ` and ~ and shift-clicked them and all manner of stuff, but it won't open. I checked in the .ini that it was enabled and I'm the admin on the server, so I'm not sure what the problem might be. Any advice?
  11. I can't code, but if you should need my writing services again, drop me a line.