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  1. I liked the old waves but they served their purpose and are no longer necessary. We should have Shipwrecked style oceans now, it's more consistent and looks better.
  2. I hope not because that screws people who get Wormwood weaved and then maybe buy Hamlet down the road.
  3. Wormwood is a "he"

    Wormwood is a plant and therefore, much like WX-78, has no gender.
  4. Thematically I like the mushroom skin the most, but the cactus skin is actually the nicest because it has more going on due to the spines instead of the ugly, flat and uniform nature of the other ones. Big shame, I really don't like how Klei did his face at all.
  5. Next Event Poll

    I preferred the Forge to the Gorge quite a lot, but I missed out on a few skins from there I want, so Gorge 2 would be good.
  6. Some game companies don't allow mods at all (or severely restrict them) because they think it infringes on their IP and ability to sell DLC content. And then there's Klei who actually help out their modders and give free stuff all the time. Name me a better games company.
  7. Is this still the case post-June 6th? For example, if I buy Hamlet on the 7th, will I get Wormwood if I haven't unlocked him yet?
  8. I could see Maxwell getting killed by Charlie.
  9. No, they don't. If a game has content you don't like, don't play that content, it really is that simple.
  10. Not necessary. If you're genuinely some kind of mental case and get upset over this, the content is in fact optional.
  11. As much as I want to know everything, some things are meant to be mysteries and I think that's one of them.
  12. Just so people know, there is a mod you can use to unravel duplicates.
  13. How can it be that Wes has the most elegants? Who even plays Wes?
  14. When you make a Battle Spear as Wigfrid with the Ultimate Spear elegant skin, attempting to drop it onto the ground renders it invisible. This is not the case with the helmet however. You can pick it up without any issues, it's just not visible.