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  1. okay I'll try to link my new video Now on topic with rabbit eating, I also plan on using farms, bird cages, monsters, and anything else I can get my hands on. I think that I will just heavily edit out all the boring stuff and just leave in the action Jackson shots, unless it has some kind of educational merit. Right now in the beginning I think for beginners or people that haven't played don't starve it would be beneficial to show how to and where to set up a base and build on that foundation showing more advanced tactics.
  2. When you say real links what do you mean? I posted my second video earlier before I got to reading this also, but I switched to a different computer to record on and I think the choppy/lag is gone. Rabbit eating was just for winter while I'm trying to survive, but what else would be more entertaining alternative? maybe attacking tall birds? getting a bird and feeding it monster meat?Thanks so much for the feed back!
  3. Been a big fan of don't starve so I decided to start a series to try and get other people into the game. so here is my first attempt!