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  1. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    My head doesnt hurt so much..
  2. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    *Wilson sits up from his "nap"* *yawns* how long did i sleep?
  3. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    (how are you? :3) *wilson sleeps all day while you tailor*
  4. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    (morning cx)
  5. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    *sits on bedroll* im perfectly fine*lays down* i just need some time to* covers self and falls asleep*
  6. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    im ok jen
  7. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    Pshh, im fine
  8. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    *wilsons eyes, are very dark and baggy* *yawns* so what are you planning to do today jen?
  9. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    As i know you are an EXCELLENT tailor
  10. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    i say, never question a scientist.. cause i am one
  11. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    Just stating facts jen, because.. im a scientist!
  12. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    I'd never be as skilled as you jen
  13. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    *smiles and shakes head* im a scientist, not a tailor like yourself
  14. [Muffycake] Rp with Lumpy

    Yeah, id probably mess up anyways *laughs*
  15. (you dont have a character color? like i duno this or this? )