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  1. *just a passer by remembering good ol' times* <3

  2. some art :D

    Would have NEVER imagined you still run this, Willette XD
  3. I wonder if this means I returned to the forums XD

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    2. Mathspy


      XD I might even try out the game after months of updates

    3. Cozyhut3


      *squeals like a little girl*

    4. Mathspy


      Yaaay! owo

  4. some art :D

    you people didn't even think of anything new to this thread XD i may draw more chibis later though... I do remember it. And I do remember spoilering quoted pictures or someone would flame us, too XD
  5. some art :D

    Just came here to find this XD Took me a while to search for the right thing to be honest owo Been quite a while, I kind of miss the forums. And you haven't stopped improving at all, Willette! Keep it up, old friend! OuO
  6. Getting ready for Christmas? :33

    1. Willette


      Dat santa beard XD

    2. Mathspy


      I am fab, gurl. 8D

  7. That's totally okay, no rush ^^
  8. That's okay, we all learn from our mistakes! (P.S: I need that section for the next portion of the quotes, would be great if you can refinish it soon)
  9. Thank you for explaining me OuO I would DEFINITELY recommend writing somewhere else (Best Google Drive) then pasting everything to forum
  10. A little bug in the Longbill info The text is just a copy of the Living Gnomes info And very outstanding article! I don't know how will I continue working on the strings without this, thank you very much! I heard my name X3
  11. [Writing] Writers' Nook

    This is my Halloween treat for the Don't Starve forums... Or it's just me not finding time for anything for the last whole month, really sorry... AAAND still not finished. But no worries!
  12. Wilson's quotes are way too hard, still working. Aye! Aye!

  13. some art :D

    Come on guys, what did I just read here? XD Love doctors and weird psychology?!