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  1. Share your tips with other DS players!

    Make a base near a beefalo herd. Don't kill them. Build your own pig village in the area. Use them to kill some of the Beefalo. Make sure you know where another herd of beefalo are, in case all your beefalo get killed off. That's what I've been doing and I'm on day 120 and going strong.
  2. Wes and Wendy, the silent ship.

    I was thinking about that, but wouldn't it be ironically funny for it to be Wolfgang/Wickerbottom? I mean, think about it, a stern librarian and a big ol' strongman who's a little pansy on the inside.
  3. I am aware that the drawing is not the greatest. This is also a work in progress and a quick sketch (took about half an hour all together)I see a lot of Willow and Wilson ship around, and I was wondering, who could be shipped with Wendy? I was thinking Wolfgang, but then I decided Wes would be the better pairing. What do you guys think? I'm hoping to continue doing this drawing, and hopefully draw it on the computer.
  4. a herd of Beefalo in heat are your best friends for killing the Spider Queen.
  5. I am incredibly proud of myself. Drawing on the Gimp program was a challenge, especially with just a laptop mouse track pad..
  6. My Wendy and Abigail fan art...

    I know, ahahaha. She was hard to draw, Abigail was easy peasy,, I mean, she's a blob mostly.
  7. My Wendy and Abigail fan art...

    Oh, thank you >w<
  8. Blood Eagles Comic + Art

    holy frijoles.. I wish I could draw that well using Gimp haha. Good job!
  9. Okay, I am well aware that Abigail looks great and Wendy looks derpy as f*ck.. It's hard to draw on GIMP using just your mouse track pad. I don't have any fancy drawing equipment yet, but hey, I tried, right?
  10. I knew it wasn't a new character, I was just asking....then I looked it up on the dont starve wiki, and you replied to this before I edited my post xD
  11. I agree, I love Wendy and all, but she should have some perk to do with her ghoulish personality. Graves, or less sanity at night (maybe only lose the normal amount at dusk?) And it would be cool if she ...i dunno, talked to herself in the middle of the night?