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  1. I love the Lovecraftian style of the lore.Also really useful thread, not having to search the old ones everytime I forget something about the lore is great.
  2. Show us your camp!

    For monster.
  3. My Reaction to woodie

    I dunno. I only played around with Woodie for about 2 hours. The curse sure is powerfull, but also quite annoying when you transform by mistake, or during a full moon, and you weren't planning on rampaging through the countryside.Also waking up with only 50 in everything can be potentially dangerous specially if you are away from your base, or if you still haven't established one.
  4. What about doors? Please give us doors.
  5. That explains it then. Thanks [MENTION=7546]Bryce[/MENTION]
  6. The stand alone version crashed after attempting to update for me.Is there a workaround for it?
  7. Actually yes, but it was inside the wooden one. I killed it as soon as it spawned so I wasn't able to verify if it was able to spawn eyes.It was a world I started yesterday before the update, would that make any effect? Should I just start a new one?
  8. How about the Lureplant? I just had one appear in the middle of my base, on Wooden floor.Wasn't this going to be changed so it wouldn't appear on manufactured floors?
  9. So Wickerbottom cannot sleep at all now?IIRC she could if you read a book, was this changed during the test?
  10. Show us your camp!

    I would've stayed near the savannah, you can always relocate the pig village. However you cannot relocate bunny holes, which are the best year round food source. Also beefalos.
  11. Caves: Ok, wtf is going on?

    Kevin responding to our rants on a Sunday shows how passionate they are about what they do.And frankly I love it.:love-struck:Please don't ever change Klei.
  12. Show us your camp!

    Did you spawn the mushrooms/reeds/marble? Or did you use a mod?Bellissimo il campamento.