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  1. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind having to pay for a DLC, or if I had to spend more money on the game when buying it, but having characters cost money kind of breaks the uniqe aspect of DST. I admit I spend some money on skins every now and then, but that's just a vanity. Imagine buying the game and seeing you have to pay money or grind skins for weeks to get enough spools so you could play "that character" you saw on some server. Anyways it's yet to come, I'm sure klei will figure something that works best for everyone
  2. Not sure how I feel about the new characters costing money. I get that developing new content will cost money so how about charging for a "beta" access to the new characters but having a way to unlock them, maybe like a metheus puzzle
  3. I've been looking into this problem about a month ago and I'm pretty sure it's unintentional. I looked into the game code and found a way to fix it and posted it in the bug tracker but got no response Here's my post if you want to look into it more closly
  4. Hey, I've been browsing a game code, trying to make a mod and I believe I found a bug that causes the moles to glitch out. I tried to revert moles to how they were in RoG, which is: make them come out of dug molehill instead of simply dissapearing. I checked the molehill.lua and sure enough in a local function dig_up(inst), it checks if the molehill has children and tries to realease them, but for some reason it fails to do so. Eventually I figured that because we are calling inst.components.spawner:SetQueueSpawning in local function stopspawning(inst) we are setting tags on self.queue_spawn and self.retryperiod. This however causes the function Spawner:ReleaseChild() to call itself again after self.retryperiod before releasing the mole, however at that point the molehill has already been dug up and thus it can't realease the mole. I'm calling this a bug since the local function dig_up(inst) tries to Release the mole but fails as an indirect consequence of setting those tags. Easy fix I found to this is to change line 35 in molehill.lua ( in a local function stopspawning(inst) ) to inst.components.spawner:CancelSpawning(), which causes the tags to never be set and moles to release properly (and is also how it orignally was in RoG). Since the molehole only contains 1 child there shouldnt be a problem with having no queue, but that is up to you to decide. However if this is not a bug and it's how it was intended to be, then sorry for bothering you
  5. Dem Bones - Holloween!

    oh loooool I downloaded this mod to destroy skeletons from my world and from first skeleton I mine I got Krampus Sack (which have VERY small chance)
  6. WX Upgrade System Overhaul

    cool but this doesnt work theres an error I have when I try to enter the game
  7. Krampusnacht

    By consequences he mean you will lose items they have stole you
  8. Fueled By Madness

    really usefull mod. Finaly night like have a use
  9. Backpack & Amulet Slot Mods

    hopefully everything works with new update
  10. CJBMods QuickLoader

    nice but could you change the F5 button ? It's a steam screenshot button. (I think ctrl + s could be a save and ctrl + L could be a load )
  11. CJBMods QuickLoader

    cool but could you change the f5 button ? cuse its a in steam screenshot button
  12. Quick Abigail

    cool really usefull. Now I dont have to wait for her like 5 minutes when traveling long distances
  13. beebox-friendly Abigail

    its so usefull !!! :3 Now I can harvest all my boxes ( theres 15 of them prertty much ) and can have abigail with me and she will not attack those bees
  14. Birds in a cage gives feathers

    cool mod <3 I'd like if bird give 3,4 seeds but its ok
  15. Madman's Fighting Pack

    why he would change craft ? For me everything works good and is balanced. But some new extra weapons could be nice