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  1. Not finished quite yet, the Egg Game and Feed the Birbs Game area still require waxed Corn and Pumpkin. For the most part these areas are done, i had a lot of fun with it. Got some good inspiration from @Warlockadamm and just expanded on it.
  2. I'm glad i'm not the only one who feels this way upon reading threads where people are complaining of lack of content for a game they only had to pay for once but still get Major updates for, for free. They easily could have put up pay walls for all of the major content updates, or put more skins/characters behind DLC that has to be bought (non-weaveable). There's not much to this event, but i love it. It's simple, doesn't require me to put hours into the game to see everything. (Unlike the Moonstorm event which i haven't even touched.) Gives great decorations and structures, and my little town feels more alive with now a third sentient race.
  3. I hope this is the correct one. client_log.txt
  4. Update: Upon further investigation of my own, i have learned that the lag only happens when playing as Wendy. I can play as every other character without any issue whatsoever, i have clean 3 bars across the way, but the second i load a game with Wendy, it goes straight to 1 bar and lags horribly.
  5. Update: I decided to load one of the old worlds i had to see if i was experiencing the lag on those servers as well and.... I am not, it's full green bars across the way with no lag or frame skips. It seems the lag and frame skips comes when making hosting a new server. I also noticed when launching a new server, the animation screen from single player DS ( The world spinning with the hands on the side shaping it, etc etc.) plays and then is cut off by one of the vignettes, but the music is playing in the background like it's still running it. Is this intended? A bug? How can i fix this? I uninstalled, reinstalled, and even reset my drivers.
  6. I updated the game last night, didn't get to play it til today and now i'm experiencing severe lag issues. I've never had issues with lag before, my connection had always been 3 bars, now it's always at 1 bar. I've made no change to my internet or my computer. I was just playing 2 days ago without any issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. When will we be able to buy the Big Pile of Spool?
  8. I don't know if anyone else has ran into this, but in my 2nd world, my Dupes were using Contaminated Water to water Algae Habitats and to put into Mush Bars. I was experimenting with showers and the 2nd tier toilets and had a pit for the dirty water at the very bottom of my base. I have two large bodies of water right next to the kitchen, but the Dupes would still run to the bottom, collect the Contaminated Water, and take it to the top. Not sure if intended, but even as they put it in the machine it said Bottled Water.