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  1. I tried out the new Wolfgang and built his Mighty Gym. When I unloaded the potato sacks I found that I couldn't put them back on. I had Wolfgang pick up the sack, but got no prompt to load the Gym.
  2. I've been playing with a friend of mine and recently noticed what might be a bug. Several times now we've heard the sound of an approaching deerclops or bearager, only to have it spawn immediately inside our camp. Before we can even react the giant has spawned, smashed all our stuff, and killed us, no chance to prepare, no chance to get away, just instant game over. I know they're supposed to spawn near a player who is close to structures, but are they really supposed to just instantly spawn in the middle of camp like that?
  3. My friend, who is also using Windows 10, is having this same problem. She tried following the steps JanH suggested and it seems to have fixed one mod, but not any of the others.
  4. Resetting the controls seems to have worked. I guess something in the beta changed what her right and left mouse buttons were assigned to.
  5. This is a problem my friend has been having since A New Reign was first launched. I posted a bug report a while ago but never received any help. I'm hoping to have more luck this time. When my friend launches her game with A New Reign installed none of the main menu buttons work. No matter what button she clicks on it selects "quit" but doesn't actually quit. The only thing she can actually click on is "quit" which quits her out of the game. The only way to get into the game is by using a controller instead of her mouse. Once she's actually in the game she tried unplugging her controller and using her mouse. it worked for the most part but every time she left clicks it moves her character left (no matter what she's actually clicking on), and right click does nothing. Reinstalling the game doesn't help. She's tried using a different mouse and it's had exactly the same problem. Turning off the New Reign beta seems to fix all the problems, but the problems come back as soon as the beta is reinstalled. I've included her client log report, although I don't know if it will show anything that will reveal what the problems are. She is using Windows 10, which apparently is causing problems with DST (like the whole mods problem), so maybe there's some problem with the combination of DST, Windows 10, and using a mouse?
  6. My friend is having a similar issue. She can click play, but then none of the menu buttons work. it seems to be a problem with the new Beta update A New Reign, because when she disables it the game works fine. It also only seems to be a problem with her mouse, the keyboard and controller work fine. Kind of sucks that the entire support staff have vanished for the holidays right after releasing a super buggy update.
  7. So, I'm guessing no one has any idea what this bug might be or how to fix it?
  8. My friend is having a problem with her game. Since the last update her mouse has stopped working properly in the game. Every time she clicks on something on the main menu the selected option drops to Quit and the click doesn't do anything. She has to use her keyboard to move up and down the main menu, then hit enter to select it. If she goes into the game or the options window her mouse becomes completely disabled and the cursor vanishes. if she goes to quit the game even if she selects No it jumps to Yes and quits out. Disabling the beta fixed the problem, but when she reinstalled the beta it broke the game again. So the basic game works fine, but something in the beta isn't working.