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  1. I've had problems renaming my threads recently as well. Maybe that was disabled for non-Moderators? Am I to fast with wanting to download the mod or is your link wrong? Cause it says "We could not find the file specified".
  2. Great compilation Cheerio, that should prevent some amount of the threads people were complaining about recently. But do you remember what I told you about working on weekends?
  3. If it was part of your question then the code for doing that is: inst:PushEvent("myevent", {something = somevariable, othervar = lastvar})And always keep in mind what Heavenfall said.
  4. When I saw a [WIP] by Heavenfall I knew it would be something interesting, and I was not disappointed ^^ I actually never thought about it but now that you mention it it seems boring to me that every axe is just an axe... But then again why would my axe be magic when I craft it myself? MAybe I found a magic rock? But then again I could also identify the rock and then decide if I would prefer to create a spear or an axe from it. Do you see where I'm heading to ; ) I just think that this would potentially increase the work to be done dramatically. I also think that adding some negative effects to balance the whole thing would make sense since the need for an inspection-glass is really limited then. Using the weapon for a bit will make it obvious. Of course a Self-Vorpal is a no-go, but I'm sure you see that yourself ^^ Anyway I think this will be a great mod, especially when a talented person like you works on it! @RCatta Since when does Heavenfall need help? : P
  5. This is not really the way to deal with such a situation, even if you asked before weekend you coudl show a bit more patience. But if that's seriously a reason to leave DS... theĀ“n I don't know... o.0 That'S pretty striaght forward ^^ Thanks! It works fine and will definately come in handy sometime. But do you know if the ability to add your own sound to your own characters will come in the future? EDIT: Nevermind, I just found out how to do it ^^ Btw, why don't you have one of them fancy avatars?
  6. Something I'm curious about is the sound of characters, I'm sure there's some kind of internal structure to distinguish the different sounds like "onhit", "death" and so on and so forth... Is there some way we could recreate those in FMOD Designer to add our own sound to characters? Dude, don't work from home! You're not getting paid for that and we want you to get paid ; )
  7. Sorry I wasn't clear, I would like to convert my stuff without running the game. That's not working. EDIT: And are you sure that your image actually has a better resolution than that? Or did you maybe scale up the images in Spriter?
  8. I thought I was dreaming when I saw this thread :') I'm so happy those tools have finally made their way to us modders, Thanks a lot! I was immediately trying it and downloaded spriter, created some animations. I did everything the way it's described in the first post, but I always get the same error: "ERROR: Invalid number of arguments!" I hope it's just me being stupid...
  9. Hehe, you evil one lure Ipsquiggle into this thread ^^Then I wish you the best of luck that he has some ideas for you that could help. But even if he doesn't, I'm sure you'll all be able to create an amzing mod together nonetheless.
  10. Just a short idea which might have actually already been ther, but I don't have the time (and patience) to read through 13 pages right now, so sorry if it's nothing new.Could you make the ground of the clouds comparable to the water when you are low, so that the clouds are actually moving a bit and you are partially emerged into the clouds. And there where the clouds stop you just put deep/light (depending on the time) blue (or even an image of the lower world if you're really ambitious xD ) This is kind of how I remember the cloud world in Paper Mario and I loved that, I'm just not sure since it's been ages since I played that. EDIT: Of course I forgot to say the important part ^^ What I've seen so far looks amazing and with the team you have I'm sure it will turn out to be a great mod!