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  1. When I started the game it told me "Bad Formating" or something on those lines. I can try again if you like and tell you what exactly is the error. It also recompiled the spelltome (in the zip I linked) and the different animations weren't working anymore. Only the "idle" state was working. Again, I can try again if you want.
  2. Damnit, no... I forgot to write "almost" : / Maybe it is done, I don't know. But ElAguilar said it should be done by today. So I hope I get it, latest possible tomorrow. I will let you all know then. Also, is it fine if I uplaod a "Beta" version to the Steam?
  3. Just wanted to give you heads up that it works perfectly. But I also wanted to tell you that the preview has other problems (you might know already). Namely those that it doesn't properly convert normal animations anymore and it now complains about my "fixed" spriter file from the tree. And it converst every animation everytime I start the game. As long as we have access to the old version it's no big deal of course ^^ You know, people who say "not to be Mr.Buzzkill but..." usually are Mr.Buzzkill : P But I think there's nor reason to worry. Coding is done, it might just need some finer polishing and tuning. All the bugs will not be found anyways, that needs more people. The artwork for the tree is done. Strings are almost done. And the character atlas is done. The only thing where we'll have to swallow the bitter pill I guess is the bigportrait, I haven't heard anyone doing that. But that shouldn't take to much from the actual experience I hope... @Everyone from the Team: Do you want to be mentioned by your real name in the credits (I just put those in the modinfo)? If yes just send me a PM, otherwise it'll just stay as is. EDIT: Here's the current version of the mod. Anyone, like really anyone, who wants to give it a try is very welcome to do so and report any bugs directly here or PM me. Be aware that it's gigantic in filesize because all uncompressed images and sound are still in there. The final release will be ~6MB. Is that to big?
  4. Don't worry about that. Got a mail yesterday shortly after I left and the atlas should be done tomorrow.
  5. Yep, I was thinking the same. I disliked from the beginning that there was no intended possiblity to lock modcharacters. Does everyone agree? Does anyone even read this?
  6. Could I also suggest that you do the Recalc of the gruesomeness in the component itself. Currently you use inst:DoPeriodicTask(1, function() gruesomeness:Recalc(inst) end)You could alternatively put an OnUpdate(dt) function into your component. Again like sanity does and again just to have more/easier control over your things, but it's more of a personal preference. Other than that I really like how it looks so far. Just waiting for awesome art ^^
  7. Saving and loading your gruesomeness is actually really easy if you handle it in a component. Sanity has an example where you can see components OnSave and OnLoad functions. Using a component will also give you the ability to easily extend the functionality compared to handeling everything in a prefab.
  8. No big deal, as I said the file can be fixed manually when it's done. EDIT: At everyone, I totally forgot to add the code that you have to unlock Waverly. I got it working within 10 minutes, which seems a bit suspicious to me. So what do you think, shall we keep it or go save and keep it out?
  9. I already considered that, browesed the forums and saw that. The developer said he's going to fix it in the next update. So I guess we'll just have to wait for a new verison/hotfix ^^
  10. Geez, I totally forgot about those pumpkins... Now I had to quickly add them, they spawn at dusk and despawn in the morning. I made them not pickable for balancing, is it okay like this? @KidneyBeanBoy Would you be up to write some strings for the "burnt", "burning" and "stump" states of the weeping willow? And I also played around with a program for the first time and created some sounds fo Waverly. Check it out and tell me what you think. Since it's really more an experiment than anything else I can totally understand if you turn them down ^^ @TheDanaAddams I don't know if that's relevent for your workflow, but we found a "bug" with spriter which is really only relevent for Don't Starve. When you delete any files in your project folder spriter will be fine with it, but it will actually continue to reference those files in your saved project. As a user oyu cannot see that though, only if you open the file in a text editor. But the compiler will search for those images to create the atlas and will thus never be able to compile. Same goes for useless files. Spriter indexes every file, no matter if it's an image or not, and will not show the user. But the compiler will simply crash without an error. Just wanted to tell you that so. Try to not delete an files ; ) If it's to late for that you can simply delete the bad files by hand in a text editor but you need to have finished your work by then since reopening the fixed file in spriter will readjust the indices and screw up all animations.
  11. Here's the whole mod and here's only the prefab with its animations in question. I might have done something stupid, sorry if that's the case.
  12. I want to swap a symbol of the character aimations. Like it's done for every equippable item. In this case we have a wand (see post above you) and I'd like to create the "" with Spriter to have a better control of the quality. So my question would be how to setup up the spriter-file so that the compiler will output will be usable with: inst.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_object", "swap_wand", "swap_wand")
  13. If I knew how to implement our own swap-animations with spriter (help me Cheerio, please T.T) I'll have to use the staff atlas. And one staff has a resolution of 35*80 : / Tiny... The ground images are, apart from compression through Kleis compilers, the original quality.
  14. I think that was rather precisely two hours xD It's a bit to big in the hand and you can see how the quality suffered from rescaling Here as well, it's offset in the hand and the quality suffered compared to the ground anim
  15. Meaning the images you gave me are to high quality. I scaled them down for now but I'll show you screenshots in about two hours and you can tell me if you want to create lower quality versions or if we keep them.
  16. This is what I could do with what little time I had. Feedback from anyone is greatly appreciated, I think the wand needs to be moved a bit. And I'm sorry that the quality could not be kept, but the atlases that I have to use simply don't give me the possibility... Sorry for the big file, it contains all assets so far.
  17. yep, downloaded all the images. I don't know if it's possible to implement a different view from back and front. I know in one of the atlases that is a thing but I have never seen the Firestaff from the back in-game.
  18. well, I requested access, so I thought you could unlock them for me. But if that doesn't work send them to h(underscore)baensch(at)yahoo(dot)de
  19. Sure, if I get permission to view them ; ) My email is the long german one that asks for permission.
  20. What do you mean? If it's not submitted then I guess it's not for the challange : P
  21. Nah, I didn't mean it's possible to add animations that could be commonly shared by all characters, especially existing ones. i was more thinking about adding animations you wanted to use spcifically for one custom character. That will of course not work for things as the wand in our case. I know there's probably a lot of work involved to match the new animations with the existing ones, but since you'll most likely go to that animation from the idle state it's not "that big" of a deal, still a thing to consider though. Now since lots of animations are loaded as their own asset like "player_actions_axe" I don't believe the coding would be a big obstacle here. Of course it's not ideal, but do you remember what control we had over animations just a bit over a month ago ; ) In tha regards I would almost say it's pretty good
  22. Since the code is just "OverrideSymbol" I was thinking that we would really only need to know the appropiate names that were used when creating the animations. But then again it's unsure, as you said, how to realise that well with spiter... Back in the days Ipsquiggle said Tutorials for spriter were coming in the future, so maybe we'll sometime see how to properly use it for all the features Don't Starve has to offer. As for extending character animations, I thougt that it was possible if you have the atlas and split it up into seperate files again. I've not tried yet, but I'll do that when I'm done with this project here. If I get it to work as I expect it I'll fill you in on it ; ) But maybe you already had bad exxperiences with that...
  23. I guess when you've done the artwork then that's it from you're side ; ) You were asking about the broom earlier and I would like to do something with that, but my time is really getting rare now that my exams approach, so from a code perspective I can't promise to be able to do that. About the spells, that's really not urgent. We have 20 spells which you can learn from a book and you need to equip them by looking through the book as well. Now there's all kinds of stuff written on those pages (you can take a look at the last version I uploaded, bottom of page 6) but on the left side ther's still some space barren. That's where I figured we could put some kind of rune, depending on what spell it is. If you feel like toying with that idea you can download the latest version to see what spells we have. I'm absolutely not able to get the wand in the game right now, it will just not show up no matter what. Usually I didn't have a problem with that but right now the equip will just not work... Does anyone feel up to the task? @Cheerio can we even use spriter to add "swap_something" anims to use with "OverrideSymbol"? Cause I can't seem to figure it out...