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  1. Ohhh, sorry that was a misunderstanding : / I can't do any artwork, i was just curious. But if I know of an artist who is not busy as well I'll redirect him/her to you. It seems to be the time of the year, artists are busy xD
  2. Do you also need artwork for all of those? Or is there hidden stuff that I have missed? Just a silly question, I don't mean to interrupt your work.
  3. The mod is meant to feel a bit more integrated than the usual character mod so it doesn't feel so out of place. That means you do have to find out things on your own with the help of all necessary hints in the mod description. To answer you question: Yes, Waverly is a new character based on an old artwork of Klei. You do have to unlock her before being able to play with her.
  4. It's really obvious once you get the opportunity to ; ) And you won't get the opportunity faster if you know how.
  5. If you start a game while having the mod enabled it will spawn. Saving that game saves the tree jsut like everything else. So as long as you don't load and save it while having the mod disabled the tree will persist. Short answer: you don't have to create a new world.
  6. You can of course do a spotlight, but I just wanted to tell you that there's a youtuber out there who does great spotlights of lots of mods. Not meaning you shoudln't mak eit yourself if you want ; )
  7. I have the slight feeling Klei did this mainly to show us how powerful the mod-api actually is, 'cause holy sh** I never expected THAT to be possible o.0 I didn't actually think Klei could pull off something that scares me. I have to pull my head to you sirs and ladies! You did the job! It was an awesome playthrough (even though my shitty pc stuttered every 2 minutes) and I actually made it with all 9 notes on my first try @simplex I think since this is an official mod and there isn't going to be any "impactful feedback" the mods forum not really the best place.
  8. I believe afro1967 told me not too long ago that it would work. Doesn't it?
  9. I know of no bugs that could corrupt your save. But it doesn't make a lot of sense to play this mod with an existing save. As the description states, world generation is necessary and thus a new save file.
  10. Great! Also it magically fixed the crashing when saving the game I have no clue what it was, I'm quite sure I just removed the woodines of a food the wasn't woody... but that should serioulsy not be such a big deal.
  11. Version 1.1


    Deep in the Marshs of this strange land lives a witch called Waverly. There are some mysteries about here you might want to lift. This mod introduces: -A new form of a tree that is unique in the whole world and will only be spawned in Survival Mode. -A new character, Waverly, who is a close friend to said tree and needs to be unlocked first. -A new system of magic which will allow you to equip different spells to a wand. Resources for that have to be found first. -A current total of 21 different spells ranging from aggressive to simply funny. A short "How-To": Somewhere in the marshes (yes "somewhere", that means you have to find it first, on your one, no shortcuts) of a Don't Starve world you can find the cozy place of Waverly, the arguably most friendly witch you will meet in Don't Starve. She has a small rundown house, a few ponds with lovely frogs dancing around for her and a big tree that is just to curious about visitors. Problem is, Waverly is really shy so she won't leave her house when you're close unless you make her. Above all Waverly loves this tree that was earlier mentioned *hint hint* Waverly: Waverly is a subpar insane personality. She has basically no mutual interest with anyone else. Willow loves picking flowers, she hates it. Wilson really enjoys building new stuff, she hates. Woodie doesn't like to be around those old smelly petals, but Waverly feels rather good with them. And all of our firends hate all these monsters, spiders hissing in their strange ways, hounds barking like there was something to gain from it... but even though they all want to kill her, Waverly loves them... in her own way. Her love for spiders, hounds and merms grew so strong that she locked herself up in her basement for three straight days to do some "research". Today she is a proud owner of the only piece of wood that can summon creatures to her help, at a small expense of some health. And every now and then this lousy fellow Maxwell decides to put her 200 yards away from her doorstep and talk silly things... she's not impressed. Note: Due to the fact that ALL functionality of this mod is strongly dependent on worldgeneration it is not possible to experience it on an existing save without using the Console. Another Note: If you encounter any bug, crash or something doesn't work as expected please report in the dedicated discussion thread. thx Visit us on the forums if you fancy that: We appreciate any feedback ^^
  12. I can add it tehre as soon as possible. And about the eyeball... you know the deal... When you want to "submit" a bug I need a log. In this case again, I don't have a problem with the eyebal so I can't reproduce it. EDIT: I uploaded the mod here so you can submit as soon as you're ready to go. I ssaume we can still fix some bugs when it's submitted.
  13. What kind of file is that? How do i open it?
  14. Just got feedback, the problem is definately my pc, it works for KidneyBeanBoy. Damn my PC! And I also have a question below. Thanks ^^, I guess we'll submit tomorrow. It's basically done. Now that I have the attention of two competent coders I'd like to ask you something. When I save the game it ocassionaly exits the game completely. With no error whatsoever, neither ingame nor in the log.txt. The same happens when using the Ctrl-R debugkey. Do you have any clue what that could be? I'm asking experience wise.
  15. hmmm, there seems to be some problem with my PC then (I hope) I'll upload the mod as is I guess and then see what people say. I don't think my eyelashes are seductive enough for that xD
  16. @TheDanaAddams I have a question for you, or rather for the person who converts your images. For me all images in the main menu of every mod show up black, except for your Link bigportrait (the saveslot and small portrait are black). What is the magic that was used to acchieved that? Because I would really like to have the same magic for this mod.
  17. Sure ^^ Already did that. I'll also have to adjust the position of the head_side sprite. IT's slightly off the head_side_hat sprite. But I'll manage all ; ) The portrait from the wiki? Is there a big portrait? The small ones I'd rather do with your artwork, so that everything fits fine ; ) And as I said, it doesn't have to be finished on release.
  18. Thanks ^^ I will implement it right now again. @ElAguilarAnd thanks for the *.psd as well! Having that I'll create the saveslot, portrait and sillouhette if that's okay for you? Also, sooner or later we will need a big portrait. Do you want to do that? It won't be a big deal if it's not done by release.
  19. Yep, that's the sleeve when you see the char from above (no clue when that happens) above that and to the right of the skirt are the other sleeves.
  20. I also noticed that this lovely lady has no shoulders. Would that be within your timeframe?
  21. Thanks for the tip. But it really only makes a minor difference. Since I only have the png though I guess ElAguilar has better chances of fixing it. EDIT: @KidneyBeanBoy Here you go. You might want to know that due to the fact that the waverlyhouse is actually Waverlys house she can use it as a tent. She can also pick items from the tree instead of having to chop it down. Does anyone not like this?
  22. I have a bad message: Is there any way you can get rid of the white outline?
  23. Most of those aren't bugs : P 1. You still have to just hold the spacebar. Just makes it a bit slower which I think is ok. But I will add a random chance for a lightning to reduce it a bit. 2. Didn't happen to me, I'll have to see what the problem is. 3. See 2. 4. That's odd... See 2. 5. The artwork is not finished yet, but true. I guess the twigs won't have eyes on them. I can send you the template if you promise me not to mess up the brackets again : P 6. That's the idea. You should feel a initmidated by it and it shall make you leave. That's of course in the interest of the tree which doesn't want to be killed by you. 7. I can add a random chance here as well. 8. The mod creates one marsh biome only. If it generates more than one that would mean it generates more than one tree. If that's the case it will be shown in your log as "More than one willow spawned!" If that's the case come back to me. 9. There are two tuning variables, number of spawns per casting, max number of spawns - 1 I will implement it right now.