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  1. hi malcath i like your waverly mod but i also would love to make my onw mods but i dont know where to start do you have any tips on where to like begin?

    I wanted to write you a PM, but you can't receive them apparently.

    Anyway, to answer your question about modding:

    First off the Waverly Mod is not done by me, there were a lot of people involved. We had three artists, one coder, one tester, one writer and people on the forums giving us ideas. So if you do a mod yourself you should expect it to take more effort and time than what we did.


    Secondly I would suggest you of course to start with something small, and for that there are a lot of tutorials out there. If I'm not mistaken there is a sticky that compiles them in the Mod Section of the forums. Start by doing a small item for example or a new character (the classic "first mod")


    Thirdly I had already experience with programming, if you don't have that then you should maybe start simple, code a "hello world" program, write a small calculator and such and such. For the language of your choice there are a lot of tutorials to find when googling. Of course, if you wanna mod DS then searching for some Lua tutorials is gonna be the best choice.


    Lastly when you feel that you know some basics about Lua/programming in general, you can start looking at the games code. This is what I did before there were any tutorials for modding the game. It will involve a lot of logic thinking and trial and error to understand what is going on. Regularly doing your maths homework will help in making that easier  ;P


    So that's that. It all depends on where you start from. Consider if the effort will be woth it for you and start with what's new for you.

    If you have any specific questions you should write me a msg here, I get those directed to my mail so I notice.


    Good luck with it!

    And don't let yourself get discouraged!

  2. It's really useful,if I'll make my own mod,that's sure to use this sample. You should be to do remakes of sample mods & tutorials ,because those are old and uncompatible with the lastest DS version. Anyways,the music/sound tutorial don't work for me anymore (Maxwell) Thanks

    None of the tutorials Cheerio linked in his thread should be incompatible ith the current version. Also not the sample mods, I use them myself so I'm qiute sure they are fine.

    But if you have a problem with a tutorial the best idea is to post on the respective thread anyways.

  3. Quick question, does the weeping willow spawn in adventure mode? it would make waverly a good candidate for adventure mode

    Uhhh, I tried to not have it spawn in Adventure Mode because I felt that messing with worldgen there was to risky. So I hope it doesn't spawn there, but if you ever see it summon me so I can fix it.

  4. So, how exactly does the spellbook system work? no matter what key i press, nothing comes up, or is it a craftable item in its own tab?

    Look in the "Magic" crafting tab. There is the spelltome you'll need to craft. But you can only craft a single one (unless you're Waverly) so be sure you don't put it in the wilderness.


    And also, I believe you won't have the possibility to cut down the tree as Waverly, she loves it just to much  : P

  5. I cannot believe what i just did, i cut down the weeping willow in the middle of the night but i forgot one thing

    I had a campfire on the highest setting

    so every single one of the drops burned to ashes, its very tempting to debugspawn these items in, stupid mistakes >.<

    Whelp, just died, nevermind that. ill probably start a world with waverly, what happens if you find the weeping willow then? or does it just not spawn after finding waverly?

    If you find the Weeping Willow as Waverly you'll have all the same benefits without cutting down the tree plus a house to take a nap in for every night  :D

  6. Also, i'd like to know = is there anyway to destroy the tree after waverly's been defeated? whenever i strike it with an axe i get electrocuted and it starts raining, 

    One more thing - Whenever i used 'Waverly's familiar" i only got 1 summon out of it then it stopped working, is that supposed to happen?

    The chance for lightning should actually be 50% and you can simply pickup your axe again and keep chopping. Eventually the tree will go down.

    Alternatevly (I hate that word) you can burn it down which will destroy all its loot though.

    Waverlys Familiar should habe a three day cooldown. If it doesn't work again after three days I should check that.


    BTW: If you ever have the crash again can you please post a log.txt here. I can't seem to reproduce it.

  7. Also, if you dont destroy her house, then once you beat her, you can go hit the house again and there will be a second waverly.

    I was waiting for someone to find such a glitch  xD  I already removed three occasions of her reapearing but I knew I must've forgotten something.


  8. So my only question is this. is waverly a new character i have to find in the game after i enable the mod? cause im actually a little confused with this mod i dont know much about the hidden characters.

    The mod is meant to feel a bit more integrated than the usual character mod so it doesn't feel so out of place. That means you do have to find out things on your own with the help of all necessary hints in the mod description.

    To answer you question: Yes, Waverly is a new character based on an old artwork of Klei. You do have to unlock her before being able to play with her.

  9. I started a game with this on, and switched over to play the screecher, will my worlds still have the tree in it so i can unlock waverly? or will i have to make another world?

    If you start a game while having the mod enabled it will spawn. Saving that game saves the tree jsut like everything else. So as long as you don't load and save it while having the mod disabled the tree will persist.

    Short answer: you don't have to create a new world.

  10. This could be game changing, Nice work. Are there any BIG bug problems, that could potentially corrupt any of my saves that you know of? because im newish to modding and i really don't want to lose a world with 200+ days to a silly bug.

    I know of no bugs that could corrupt your save. But it doesn't make a lot of sense to play this mod with an existing save. As the description states, world generation is necessary and thus a new save file.

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