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  1. Sample - Mr Smiley

    This is just a sample of a spriter file which creates an anim that is compatible with hats.


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  2. Minimap Icon Sample

    This is a simple sample mod for adding your custom minimap icons. Nothing fancy, but the more samples the better.. I guess.




  3. Waverly the Bewitched

    Deep in the Marshs of this strange land lives a witch called Waverly. There are some mysteries about here you might want to lift.
    This mod introduces:
    -A new form of a tree that is unique in the whole world and will only be spawned in Survival Mode.
    -A new character, Waverly, who is a close friend to said tree and needs to be unlocked first.
    -A new system of magic which will allow you to equip different spells to a wand. Resources for that have to be found first.
    -A current total of 21 different spells ranging from aggressive to simply funny.
    A short "How-To":
    Somewhere in the marshes (yes "somewhere", that means you have to find it first, on your one, no shortcuts) of a Don't Starve world you can find the cozy place of Waverly, the arguably most friendly witch you will meet in Don't Starve. She has a small rundown house, a few ponds with lovely frogs dancing around for her and a big tree that is just to curious about visitors. Problem is, Waverly is really shy so she won't leave her house when you're close unless you make her. Above all Waverly loves this tree that was earlier mentioned *hint hint*
    Waverly is a subpar insane personality. She has basically no mutual interest with anyone else. Willow loves picking flowers, she hates it. Wilson really enjoys building new stuff, she hates. Woodie doesn't like to be around those old smelly petals, but Waverly feels rather good with them. And all of our firends hate all these monsters, spiders hissing in their strange ways, hounds barking like there was something to gain from it... but even though they all want to kill her, Waverly loves them... in her own way. Her love for spiders, hounds and merms grew so strong that she locked herself up in her basement for three straight days to do some "research". Today she is a proud owner of the only piece of wood that can summon creatures to her help, at a small expense of some health. And every now and then this lousy fellow Maxwell decides to put her 200 yards away from her doorstep and talk silly things... she's not impressed.
    Note: Due to the fact that ALL functionality of this mod is strongly dependent on worldgeneration it is not possible to experience it on an existing save without using the Console.
    Another Note: If you encounter any bug, crash or something doesn't work as expected please report in the dedicated discussion thread. thx
    Visit us on the forums if you fancy that:
    We appreciate any feedback ^^