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  1. Custom Character: Link

    so, does he have his own voice?
  2. Firestarter's Delight

  3. Madman's Fighting Pack

    add a sword of fire that will catch you on fire. oh and I say you should ad ice armor that will prevent you from burning, and fire armor that will prevent you from freezing. it will need golden armor, 5 of the specific gem, 7 and marble. it should also be stronger than gold armor.
  4. (abandoned) Tweaks Pack

    nevermind. it just says that, but it accually works
  5. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    sadly, it says it is out of date, I have the right version, but the default versions just wont work. I don't know what is wrong. can you help me out?
  6. (abandoned) Tweaks Pack

    it says it is out of date.
  7. Custom Character: Link

    so what do the items do? I know what the spells do, and the revealing thing, but how about the rest?
  8. Pack In Inventory

    update to nightmare please
  9. Madman's Fighting Pack

    hey, I put it on nightmare and it says it is out of date.
  10. Wilson's House & Wilson's House With Light

    you should make it emit light. like the pig houses!