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  1. When Wendy was a small girl her twin sister Abigail seemed to be her parents favorite, she would do everything right and if she didanything wrong she would blame it on many times Wendy had got in trouble because of Abigail and she couldn't do anything about it. the only thing difference between the two twins was there hair. Wendy had a long straw like hair which was blonde and Abigail had long wavy hair of the darkest red. Wendy didn't understand how Abigail had red hair as there mother and father has blonde hair just like her. Many say that Abigail was allied with the devil just because of her hair and the way she acted around people. So there parents made Abigail where a wig each day and they kept her away from visitors just so she wouldn't disrespect there family.when the twins turned 12 Wendy was playing by the old abandoned well with her sister, Abigail was teasing Wendy that she was to scared to see what was down there, when Wendy went over to a well she fell down and her sister just laughed and left her there. no one found Wendy for two days and when they did she was just talking jibberish of how life was so hollow. Wendy was in the well cold and wet she couldn't understandwhy her sister hadn't told anyone she was there.'oh why didn't Abigail tell mama and papa i was down that well' she asked her nanny when they had finally found her.the nanny gave her a scornful look and hit her on the side of the head ' don't be stupid girl, Abigail would never do that to her own sister'Wendy never told anyone else that Abigail knew where she was because it only got her in trouble.then the night of December 15th Abigail fell terribly ill and Wendy was so worried that she was going to die, she asked for help from the only person she had heard of that could do such a thing like save a life. she asked the devil. when she asked if there was anything she could do the devil just laughed she even offered to sell her soul in exchange for her sisters life. then the devil stopped laughing and gave a 'why would i need your soul when your mother gladly gave up your sisters to save your life 6 years ago' Wendy was in shock, why would her mother do that to her own daughter even thenshe couldn't remember being ill or Abigail changing at all. yet she could remember a time where herself and Abigail where real close and would die for each other.she glanced back at the devil and asked 'is there anyone that could help to save my sisters life?'the devil laughed' why would you try and save her after she left you in that well for dead. she doesn't care, she wouldn't help you anymore' Wendy took a deep breath and looked at the monster in front of her ' i would save her because shes my sister she always has been even when you took her soul i could still connect to her likewe could never be apart. now tell me you parasite who or what can save my sister!' 'his name is Maxwell, he has been trapped for many years. but you could cut a deal withhim im sure he will agree.'Wendy agreed to meet this Maxwell and later that night a portal appeared in the twins room. a voice that sounded weak and ill said ' come forth child i shall help yousave your sister if you help me first. step forward and accept my proposal' Wendy was scared but still she took a step forward when Abigail grabbed her hand 'don'' Wendy looked down at her pale sister and shakes off her hand. before Wendy stepped in the portal she turned around and quietly apologized to Abigail. then Wendy stepped through the portal. 'Maxwell where are you?' a cold wind blewthrough the castle. she followed it and came to a throne room where a old man was sitting on the main throne 'so my child you have found your wayi see, i will help your sister. but first you have to prove your self worthy. i have 5 tests for you. complete them and ill save your sistershe will grow old and die just like you. but fail...and you will be trapped for ever until you can finish the deed' Wendy backed up wanting to run. the doors behind her slammed shut 'but how am i meant to do all that alone im only small ill never be able to do it' Maxwell pondered and then came up with a idea ' you wont be alone, your sister will be with you. well when i mean with you shes dead.' Wendy fell to the floor 'dead no she cant be you said you would save her!'Maxwell laughed ' not dead..dead she will be your guide. she will visit you at night. but only at night. you will not be able to touch her or talk to her. if you try she will hurt you she is only there to guide you nothing else''how can my own sister hurt me?''well it wouldn't be the first time now would it. its her spirit she can do what she pleases. complete my tests and ill save your sister'Wendy nodded and Maxwell picked up his staff and slammed it down on the floor. when Wendy awoke she was in a world she had never seen before. she was greeted by Maxwell. He told her she would need food to surviveand then he vanished in black smoke. Wendy stood up and looked around 'well looks like its time to survive and don't starve!'Hope you liked my interpretation of Wendys back story, sorry for any spelling mistakes