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  1. every attachment for me says its an invalid one so i cannot view them. Please post them on here and don't use attachments cause i cannot see them
  2. Oh yes and if some1 (maybe no-one) thinks that i copied the name of of character based on myself, who has another forme called Mallory, i did not copy that name from you. I got the idea of "M" representing as demon horns, and i personally think "Mallory the Forgotten Beast" sounds cool. And a little part of Mallory's backstory
  3. These all look weird and creepy and good and great, except my Morgar X.X he just looks derpy with almost half of his head non-done. But well, i am not so good at drawing with Paint. I would love to see all of these in-game. I would perhaps not PLAY them all, but i would like to even see them ^^
  4. Mahogany table!!!!!!!!! is7udgijgjcych8drybgiuyposrgh7cygiduyioyuhnr :wilson_ecstatic: i9duihurihytfejoguy78hmjigdthuyrisjhyhkzrd
  5. Oh yeah and why i cannot change my featured artist in my profile page?
  6. Morgar looks a bit like the Pokemon called "Charmeleon" and the way his tail's fire runs out when he dies is a reference to Charmander Charmeleon and Charizard cause if their tail's fire runs out, they die. But mostly Morgar looks like a baby Flame Dragon from the game "Dragon City" on Facebook, but with white eyes.
  7. And this is how you get Morgar:You need to be in adventure mode, and you will find a set piece called "Dragon Mound" much like the hound mound, it will have bones and skeletons near it. It looks like a small mountain made of rock and it has moss on it. It is surrounded by (inside from outside order)a ring of trees, then a ring of rockyland with only golden rocks in it, and lastly there is a ring swamp and tentacles. To unlock him, you need to first walk to the Dragon Mound itself, then examine it and 2 clockwork bishops will appear. You need to fight those and win, then you will see a dragon appearing, protecting the mound and attacking you if you get too close. Now, you need either 5 small meats (frog legs, morsels etc.) or 2 full meats.(not including monster meat, only meat and big jerky etc.). Then you need to drop them on to the ground outside the ring of trees and the dragon will fly to eat them. This will reveal an egg, which when you pick up, appears as a dragon egg. Then, suddenly Maxwell appears and puts a giant cage on top of the dragon and says: "Thank you, fro bringing the dragon outside it's nest. I shall gift you, you deserve it." Then starting to laugh and takes the dragon with him. Then you will be sent back to the world you started in, with all your supplies except food or weapons. But you will have the dragon egg which you need to get hatching. You need to keep it always near fire, or it will start freezing like a tallbird egg. It won't freeze though, freezing just makes longer time waiting for it to hatch. If you survive till day 150(the egg will hatch around day 50-60 if you keep it warm), Maxwell will appear, saying: "I was wrong. That dragon was not the one i was looking for. YOU FOOLED ME!" and then teleport you instantly to the final level of adventure mode. There you will see Maxwell sitting on the nightmare throne as usual, but there is a dragon next to him. The dragon is standing still cause of the chain between her and the nightmare throne. The dragon will look at you and the hatched lil' dragon and start roaring. Then the little dragon will walk towards the big one, hugging her due to the fact that they are a mom and son. Then Maxwell will say: "Ah, THAT is the dragon i was looking for.... MUHAHAHAHAA!!" Then 2 night hands start coming towards the little dragon. When the hands touch him, his mom will start roaring and pulling herself out of the nightmare throne. When she does it, she starts flamethrowering the hands, making them disappear. Then she tries to hurt the nightmare throne but is uncapable of doing so. Suddenly, a portal will appear taking the player and the dragons back to where you left at day 150. The little dragon will walk towards you and hug you. Then fly away with his mom. Then you just need to survive 50 more days either in that world or a new world and you will unlock Morgar as a playable character.
  8. And another character...Name: MorgarTitle: The DragonCatchphrase: "Burn, Burn BURN!"Abilities:-Can shoot fireballs at enemies, but not at during the coldest days of winter (note: range and damage can be upgraded)-Can bite enemies with Fire Fangs when eaten enough charcoal (note: fire lasting and damage can be upgraded)-Can hover over the air making him faster and increasing his defense (note: he has a stamina bar which decreases when running and flying, normally 1/5 secs when running and 2/1 secs when flying. Starting stamina is 15 but eating 3 dragonpies can upgrade it to 35)-When eating dragon fruit, he drops dragon fruit seeds(100% that he will drop atleast 1 and 40% that he will drop 2) and guano.-Takes 2x the damage from freezing-When on fire, he takes 2 dmg/1min and he heals his sanity by 2/1sec when on fire-Spawns with a red gem -Red hounds will not attack him and if he wears the life giving amulet, the fire hounds will attack other hounds-His heatstone will never go totally coldThe stamina bar appears as his wings under the sanity, hunger and health bar, in bright green color. The less stamina he has, the more broken the wings look like. His stamina recharges by 1/3secs when walking, and 2/1secs when he stands still. His stamina goes down by 1/1secs when he walks on a road(as when he walks on a road he runs), and 2/1secs when he flies. Roads or thge walking cane will not boost him up when he flies, because he is not touching the ground. When he hovers(press the H-key to hover), he gains a 30% speed boost and x0.8 defense boost, and enemy attacks have a 45% chance of not hitting him. He also loses -5 sanity by going to hover mode, and when his stamina bar is under 5, he cannot fly and when its under 6, he is x0.7 slower than usual. When he first starts, he has the ability to shoot fireballs at enemies. These fireballs do 16.9 damage, set enemies on fire and have a range of not quite a full screen(if you stand in the middle of the screen, and there is a rabbit on the other side you cant hit it or it will miss, making the rabbit run into its hole etc.). When he eats a charcoal, the range will be improved to 1 and a 1/4 screens, and the damage will increase to 25.8 he also gains +10 health from eating a charcoal, but loses -15 sanity. When he eats another charcoal, the range of fireballs will be increased to 2 full screens, and damage to 36. The third charcoal will increase the range to 2 and a half screens and damage to 40.2. The fourth one will not increase range anymore, but it will increase power to 44.6. The 5th and the last charcoal he can eat to increase the damage of fireballs will make the dmg to 51.6, and he doesnt need to charge the attack(normally it would take 2 seconds to charge it). then he gains a new attack, the Fire Fang which is a melee attack which does 17 damage and sets enemies on fire for 3 seconds, but has a cooldown of 5 seconds and a charge of 2 seconds. When he eats a charcoal after unlocking this, the damage will increase to 26.3 and the fire lasting time to 5 seconds. The second charcoal eaten after unlocking this attack will make the dmg to 30.6, fire lasting time to 6 seconds, and reduce the cooldown for 1 second making it only 4 seconds. Then, the third charcoal will increase dmg to 39.8 and the fire lasting time to 8 seconds. When the 4th charcoal is eaten, the attack damage will increase to 43, fire lasting time will increase to 10 seconds and cooldown reduced by 1 second. The last charcoal, which in total is the tenth one will increase the damage to 53, fire lasting time to 15 seconds, and he no longer needs to charge it. When he charges his attacks, a little ring similar to the "day night cycle ring" will appear next to him, indicating how long he needs to charge. At winter, he cannot shoot fireballs, except for the first 2 days of winter, so be prepared for the next days and use this as your advantage. Also, his perk that red hounds will not attack him ,and attack if he is wearing a life giving amulet is a great advantage against summer hounds. Also, when its mid summer and the Winter O' Meter shows that its very hot, he will gain +3.5 attack damage to his fire attacks and x0.5 increase of attack damage to normal weapons(blowdarts, melee weapons etc.). But when its winter, the first 2 days his fire attacks will lose -3.5 attack damage, and all over the winter his attack power will be cut to 0.8(normally 1.3). Also, take caution for not to freeze at winter as he takes twice as much damage from it. But his perk that his heatstone will never go totally cold(blue), thus to his body temperature it will always keep him warm just enough to run but if he cuts trees he will begin to freeze. And as his heatstone always stays white if it is run out, he can recharge it faster if it runs out. He has a fie in his tail, which runs out if he dies(similar to charmander in pokemon, as if his tails fire runs out, it will die) and is very small when he sleeps and when its winter. Thus when its summer, it is very big and can set thing on fire(this only has a 23% chance of happening though) and produces enough light to survive the night from grue. Also, when he eats charcoal, his tails fire will get bigger, in winter he needs to eat 6 charcoal to survive the night and not freeze with his tail and in summer he may not need any or only 1.Some quotes: "I like it! Its red, warm, and has a fire inside it. Just like me!" (examining a red gem) "It looks like it would burn VERY well... shall i try?" (examining a big evergreen)
  9. Also he was made by accident of Wilson:Wilson was walking around in a swamp finishing his research on tentacles. He had some liquids in a glass bottle which he walked around carefully with. He also had some clothes in his backpack along with monster meat. Then he fell down to the ground when a 2 tentacles attacking him, making the liquid and monster meat fall on them. "NOOOOOOOOO! My research!" Wilson shouted. When the ground started shaking Wilson made a run for it, making then clothes and a some other liquid fell on the tentacles. The next day Wilson carefully walked to the swamp with a spear in his hands. All he found on the ground was a glass bottle, a broken glass bottle, some tentacle spots, a tentacle spike and a hole. Wilson started digging the hole up, seeing if the liquids ware safe. At the same time wondering where the clothes got. When the night fell he heard some roaring, made a run for it and forgot his pitchfork out in the swamp. A moment later, a tentacle took the pitchfork and hid himself in the hole. The next day Wilson was looking at the hole he dug. It was filled! A second later what Wilson started searching for his pitchfork, he heard a yawning noise and saw when the ground where the hole was rised up he saw the monster. He froze of fear and looked at the monster wearing his clothes. "Oh, hi!" the monster said. Wilson was incapable to speak and the monster was confused about him. "Are you a statue?" he asked. and Wilson made again a run for it.Thats the backstory of Klyzor.
  10. Hmmmmm this time i should try to make a character from a mob in-game.....Ok here we go:Name:KlyzorTitle:The sick MonsterQuote: "I don't feel so good.... URP!"Voice:Tentacle "roaring"Abilities:-Mosters will only attack if he attacks them first.-Higher sanity(230, Beardlings appear at 150- sanity and hallucinations start to attack at 100- sanity.)-Can survive longer in the dark before making Charlie attack him.-Can shave himself for 1 tentacle spots, thus losing -10 sanity and -15 health and his attack power will decrease to x0.7(normally x1.0)-Sometimes randomly when he does something (open chest etc.), he has a 10% chance of falling to the ground and start puking losing -1 health every 2 seconds.(depens on what he did, will make him puke longer)When walking on a road, he has a 15% chance of start puking, but longer. And when using the walking cane it increases to 35%. When walking on a road with the walking cane equipped it increases to 50%.-When its winter, he has pitchfork equipped, and any kind of turf next to the pitchfork in his inventory, he can dig a chunk of ground and sleep under it. This making him not freeze, lose only half of the normal hunger decrease but getting only 1/4 of normal sanity increase.When he has shaved himself, he can either wait for 10 days to make the spots grow back or then he can wait 2 full day night cycles at a swamp making him "reproduce" his spots back. His abilities to not aggro mobs is pretty good and the ability to sleep but the puking can be a real issue when running away from mobs like aggroed hounds or aggroed deerclops. When the hounds come attack him, when they come they just wander around you, and attacking or pushing one will make them aggro towards him. With the deerclops, he will just come, first try to kill all other creatures and structures. When all is destroyed, he will just wander around you, not attacking unless attacked.He looks kind of weird with tentacles as hands, merm's legs and a tentacle kind of head.
  11. Well, the animations are a different thing. My friend could know about dem but i know something. If ya want to make a mod of some sort based off a character, you need to design the sound files and a the text the character says when examining objects. You also need .anim files which you need to make aswell based off on other characters movement.Hope this helped ^^
  12. I havent drawn these yet, but yes you cant just draw it by hand and place the pictures in the comment. Or then you can use paint or paint tool sai etc. to place them in the character selection grid and voila.
  13. Ok, here is a character based on myself:Name: BenzuxTitle: The Menacing MinerQuote: What happens when i touch this purple gem....AAAAAAAARGGHH!!Abilities:-Higher health (170)-Chops down trees and mines rocks faster-Loses less sanity underground-Can set up an average base underground-Transforms when met in certain conditions-Spawns with a 50% pickaxe and miner hats blueprint-Always spawns near a Plugged Sinkhole1:This means he is stealthier than most of my characters2:This means that normally when you mine a rock, it has 3 stages: New rock, Broken rock and Mined rock. But he only has 2: New rock and mined rock. It also means that he cuts down trees faster(4 hits and a big evergreen falls down etc.)3:This means he loses 0.73 sanity/3 mins underground4:This means that he learns more crafting recepies underground, when he sets up a base underground he only needs an alchemy engine to unlock all crafting recipies but he needs a shadow manipulator aboveground.5:This means that when he is underground, has a purple gem with him, and his sanity reaches 30 or lower, he will transfrom to Mallory, a beast that if you keep reading i will tell more about.6:This basically means he spawns with half-used pick, and he can make the miner hat without any crafting machines.When he turns into Mallory, the purple gem starts floating above him, while he falls to the ground and lets off what he had in his hand, putting his hands on top of his head and starts transforming. When the purple gem starts flashing, it explodes into 4 nightmare fuel and he is transformed into a beast with the head of a bat with some orange hair, very thin arms, a dinosaurs legs and tail, and the purple gem is in his amulet.Also his clothes are broken after this. The mutation will keep up until 10 days, or when mallory gets caught up in sunlight.Mallory stats:Health: 160Sanity: 80Hunger: 160Very fast,Stronger attacks,Needs to be underground at daytime or he will mutate back,Monsters wont attack him unless he attacks first,Can only eat monster food, but without penalties,Harvests resources faster,When he comes out from underground, it will automaticl be dusk.When he transforms back, his clothes will still be broken, but in 10 days they will "grow" back. If it is winter, and his clothes are broken, he needs to wear a tier 3 winter full clothing to not freeze. He also takes more damage from freezing while his clothes are broken. If hounds attack while he is transformed, the hounds will come but as soon as they get to you, they will go towards the nearest pig village to attack them.He can also when transformed, feed werepigs monster meat to make them follow as normal pigs. He will transform back also if he goes totally insane. He cant wear a garland or else he will take damage, and the only way to restore his sanity, is to attack a boss. Every attack gives him +5 sanity back.Benzux himself, looks very small, has a same kind of beard as Woodie, his hair is a it longer than Woodie's, he is wearing a mining suit and at the back of him there is a small iron hammer.Here is a re-textured Woodie. I made him look more like Benzux and looks horrible in some places but very good in others.Ok, so here's Mallory The Forgotten Beast, who has the Fear amulet which gives him the ability to drain it's opponets fears and make them into power for himself. I will post Mallory's backstory probably soon. And when i have the time i will update how Benzux transforms into Mallory. I will make the fear amulet one of the items which he spawns with and with that you need to do something to make you turn into Mallory .
  14. sorry its so bad...LOL GOLDEN WHALE FROM CASTLE CRASHERSi tried to edit in another comment what everyone does but if yoi cheak backward a bit ya should know what i'm talking anout
  15. And another character xDName: FerragatorTitle: The angry GatorQuote: FERRAAAAAAAAA!!!Abilities:-His eyes glow in the dark just enough to open chests and chop down wood but the Grue will still attack him-He can swim trough small gaps between islands for the cost of -10 sanity and he has a 40% chance of capturing a fish when swimming.-Higher health (190)-Spiders fear him and do not attack at daytime if he steps on top of the silk around their nests,they just come out and do the thing what they do when you are wearing the spiderhat.-When he has nothing equipped, he can click enemies that are far away to shoot water at them for 2 seconds doing 10 damage and slowing them down for 5 seconds with the cost of -5 sanity.(at winter he shoots ice to froze enemies for 5 seconds)-Bigger stomach (200)-He cant eat frog legs, braised froglegs or a froggle Bunwhich -Walks slowerSound: Alligator roaring.He cant talk, but he roars differently for every kind of stuff he examines(feraaaa... Ferra!! gooooooooaaaar!!! etc.)He looks like a light blue alligator with red "hair" kind of fins on his head and back. The underpart of his mouth is yellow, and he has a yellow bit in his stomach. Very sharp teeth and claws. Pale white eyes which glow in the dark.And yes that IS a kind of re-textured Feraligator, becouse it is! I asked my friend to find a picture, then he sended it to me and i re-textured it to look more like Ferragator.