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  1. What do you think about Wigfrid?

    Except you need a science machine for almost every other useful item in the game ever. I agree that she's currently a better Wolfgang but that's kind of a silly argument.
  2. ^ Nah son, it needs foxes. It's been proven by science that they're the best animals and should be in every video game.
  3. How do you update the DLC?

    It's an update for the beta DLC yes.
  4. How do you update the DLC?

    Well yeah but that doesn't mean it comes out 'early' for anyone. Your time zone has no effect on when the update is released on Steam.
  5. How do you update the DLC?

    Why would anyone get it early? Updates come out at the same time for everyone.
  6. Caves and ruins are impossible now.

    Yeah, you can't really 'win' DS. Escaping it would kinda defeat the purpose of surviving Maxwell's insanity for as long as you can. I shamefully have barely even tried Adventure Mode and I've been playing for ages. :\
  7. Caves and ruins are impossible now.

    That's actually not what I was saying at all. There is a very big difference between an objective bug report and being rude, insulting the devs, saying they ruined the game, etc. People have every right to bring up issues. They do not have a right to act like petulant brats.
  8. Caves and ruins are impossible now.

    Good thing it's in beta and the inherent purpose of beta testing is to change what doesn't work before release. I swear people think participating in a beta is a super cool exclusive sneak peek when in reality it's to, you know. Find broken stuff.
  9. New Patch

    Is there a change log for this anywhere?