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  1. i would like achievments thats a challenge but its not a grindy kind of thing. like fun achievments and i really like the idea with the invis achievments
  2. Max days you've survived?

    day 200 im still waiting for the new update so i can die with experience.
  3. I think as every1 else says its pronounced Koalefant - - - Updated - - - I think as every1 else says its pronounced Koalefant
  4. Show us your camp!

    This is my base i just wonder why wilson is so not happyAnd heres my Tooth traps
  5. Share your tips with other DS players!

    IF you have no more rocks in the overworld you can get more in caves. you can also get more marble when there is earthquakes in caves.
  6. im kinda young 12 years (soon 13) that may be why i suck att this game ...
  7. I think im mostly excited by this new Wx! i have been waiting for him to be rebuilt i can't wait for the new update:) and new character soon
  8. If you search for maxwell npc att the wiki you'll find this Maxwell's original name was William Carter.Maxwell originally was British.Maxwell used to wear glasses.